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VIAVI SOLUTIONS INC index of parts for sale. Page 1.

Brands Index
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VV-E4126LA/SPCSCRefurbished LA 1310/1550nm OTDR module with source option/SPCSC-Universal SC
VV-E4136FCOMP-MA/ALTRefurbished FiberComplete w MA OTDR 1310/1550/1625nm/ALTSRL-AUTO BIDIR IL/OR
VV-E4136LM/41LSRefurbished Last Mile Range 1310nm/1550nm/1625nm OTDR Module SC/PC connector
VV-E4136RLM/41PM/PCSRefurbished Last Mile Range 1310/1550nm and Filtered 1625nm OTDR Module/41PM
VV-E4146QUAD/PCSC/PCRefurbished MULTIMODE/SINGLEMODE 850/1300/1310/1550 NM OTDR/PCSC-Univ PC con
VV-ENRTERMKITRefurbished Non-Reflective Optical Terminators Kit
VV-FIT/8766P/2305-94Refurbished Fiber Inspection Toolkits/8766P-FIT-8766P-PRO OLP87P kit/2305-94
VV-FIT/AMTPAERefurbished Fiber Inspection Toolkits/AMTPAE-Adapter MTP Angled E-Ser
VV-FIT/BSCA6Refurbished Fiber Inspection Toolkits/BSCA6-CLEANING TIP SC ANGLED
VV-FIT/DI200Refurbished Fiber Inspection Toolkits/DI200-DI-SERIES FIBER MSCP 200x
VV-FIT/FI60Refurbished Fiber Inspection Toolkits/FI60-Live Fiber Identifier
VV-FIT/FML200Refurbished Fiber Inspection Toolkits/FML200-FM-L200-LSeries 200x scpe
VV-FIT/MP60ARefurbished Fiber Inspection Toolkits/MP60A-MP-60A USB power meter
VV-FIT/MP80ARefurbished Fiber Inspection Toolkits/MP80A-MP-80A USB High pwr meter
VV-FIT/MTLRefurbished Fiber Inspection Toolkits/MTL-TIP MTP BH XYPan Knob
VV-FIT/MTS101/SW-FCMRefurbished Fiber Inspection Toolkits/MTS101-KITMTS INSPECT ANALYS/SW-FCM
VV-FIT/P5KIRefurbished Fiber Inspection Toolkits/P5000I-Dig. Analysis probe USB
VV-FIT/S105B/S105PRefurbished Fiber Inspection Toolkits/S105B-Insp. Kit HP3-60-P4+Boot/S105P-F
VV-FIT/S205PRefurbished Fiber Inspection Toolkits/S205P-Fiber Essen. Kit HP2-60
VV-FIT/SD101Refurbished Fiber Inspection Toolkits/SD101-Kit P5000i FiberCheck SW
VV-FIT/SP-1Refurbished Fiber Inspection Toolkits/SP-1-FIT-SP-1 POWERCHECK OPM
VV-HST3000-NG/Z4Refurbished HST3000 Mainframe without Copper Cu color/08402-08402-8-PIN MO
VV-HST3000C-NG2Refurbished HST3000C-NG2 Copper Mainframe
VV-HST3000C-NG2/MOBARefurbished HST3000C-NG2 Copper Mainframe/MOBA1-Mobile APP 1/MOBA2-Mobile AP
VV-HST3000C-NG2/P1Refurbished HST3000C-NG2 Copper Mainframe/BRI-ISDN BRI ANSI Module/CT1-T1
VV-HST3000C-NG2/P2Refurbished HST3000C-NG2 Copper Mainframe/BRI-ISDN BRI ANSI Module/CT1-T1
VV-HST3000C-NG2/USBMRefurbished HST3000C-NG2 Copper Mainframe/USBMICPM-USB MIcroscope and pwr mt
VV-HST3000C-NG2/Z1Refurbished HST3000C-NG2 Copper Mainframe/1-1-HST3000C-NG2-1-HST-300/BDCMW22
VV-HST3000C-NG2/Z1/ZRefurbished HST3000C-NG2 Copper Mainframe/1-1-HST3000C-NG2-1-HST-300/BDCMW22
VV-HST3000C-NG2/Z2Refurbished HST3000C-NG2 Copper Mainframe/16994-16994-CableCAT 5 SHLDR/190
VV-HST3000C-NG2/Z4Refurbished HST3000C-NG2 Copper Mainframe/BDCMW2-BDCMW2-BDCM bonded ADSL/EQD
VV-HST3K/229122Refurbished HST3000 Family Mainframe/229122-Optical FTTx SIM module
VV-HST3K/BDCMW2Refurbished HST3000 Family Mainframe/BDCMW2-BDCM Bonded ADSL/VSDL WB2
VV-HST3K/BDCMW22Refurbished HST3000 Family Mainframe/BDCMW22-Broadcom 63168 Chipset wB2-2
VV-HST3K/CT1Refurbished HST3000 Family Mainframe/CT1-T1 and Copper SIM
VV-HST3K/DCRefurbished HST3000 Family Mainframe/DC-Datacom SIM
VV-HST3K/E1DCRefurbished HST3000 Family Mainframe/E1DC-E1 / Datacom SIM
VV-HST3K/T1Refurbished HST3000 Family Mainframe/T1-T1 SIM
VV-HST3K/T3Refurbished HST3000 Family Mainframe/T3-T1/T3 SIM
VV-MAP-AC990Refurbished 72 Fiber Integrating Sphere for mORL and mOPM
VV-MAP200-MOPM-B1RHHRefurbished OPM-B 2mm InGaAs High Power Remote Head
VV-MAP200-MWDM-A1040Refurbished MAP Utility 40GE Passive CWDM Mux / Demux pair/A1000-MAP Utilit
VV-MAP200C01Refurbished MAP-200 Rackmount Kit for 220C/202C/204C Chassis
VV-MAP220C-ARefurbished MAP-220C LightDirect 2U 1/2 19in Benchtop Chassis
VV-MTS8000-S/Z2Refurbished MTS8000 modular based system/10GEL-10GEL-10GigE LAN require/10G
VV-NGC-4500-FA/NARefurbished Certifier40G NGC-4500 with Class FA Copper Kit/NA-N. America AC
VV-NGC-4500-MMREFCORRefurbished Multimode Reference Cord Set for NGC-4500
VV-NGC-4500-SM2Refurbished NGC-4500 TIER 1 Singlemode Adapter Pair
VV-OLP38-13Refurbished SmartPocket Optical Power Meter
VV-SAMS-GTS-10.5/16GRefurbished Samsung Galaxy Tablet S/16G-16GB Memory/WIFI-WiFi

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Brands Index

We Sell to Corporate, State, Government, Schools, Reseller's, All Company's, And The Everyday Buyer!!!!

www.TamayaTech.com   Have Questions: Please E-Mail The Sales Team Sales@TamayaTech.com or Give us a Call Contact Us

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