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NewBridge index of parts for sale. Page 2.

Brands Index
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90154801Refurbished Newbridge 3500 T110/R1 1200 WM BASIC SYSTEM Newbridge
90154821Refurbished Newbridge 3500 T112/R2 120V WM BS Newbridge
90154822Refurbished Newbridge 3500 T112/R2 240V WM BS Newbridge
90154831Refurbished Newbridge NEWBRIDGE Newbridge
90154901OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90154901Refurbished Newbridge RS422 (4 CCT) Newbridge
90154901CRefurbished Newbridge RS-422 CARD Newbridge
90154901ERefurbished Newbridge RS-422 CARD Newbridge
90154901FRefurbished Newbridge RS-422 CARD Newbridge
90157601OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90157601Refurbished Newbridge MEMORY MODULE GENERIC 1115.0 Newbridge
9015760103Refurbished Newbridge MEMORY MODULE GENERIC 1115.0 Newbridge
9015760103DRefurbished Newbridge W/36120 PACKET TRANSFER Newbridge
90157601BRefurbished Newbridge CARD Newbridge
90157601CRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD Newbridge
90157601GRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL MOD Newbridge
90157601JRefurbished Newbridge CARD Newbridge
90157701OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90157701Refurbished Newbridge MEMORY MODULE C115 Newbridge
90157701GRefurbished Newbridge MEMORY MODULE C115 Newbridge
90157703OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90157703Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90157801OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90157801Refurbished Newbridge MEMORY MODULE D115 Newbridge
90157801GRefurbished Newbridge MEMORY MODULE D115 Newbridge
90157801HRefurbished Newbridge MEMORY MODULE D115 Newbridge
90157901Refurbished Newbridge MMNS NN SUPERATE RECURER Newbridge
90158001Refurbished Newbridge MEM MODULE Newbridge
90158303Refurbished Newbridge SWITCHING HSPS-2 25FT CABLE Newbridge
90158403NOEM Newbridge EMC/23IN SW HSPS-2 CABLE 25' Newbridge
90158403NRefurbished Newbridge EMC/23IN SW HSPS-2 CABLE 25' Newbridge
90158701Refurbished Newbridge 0349 PANEL AMP CABLE Newbridge
90161001Refurbished Newbridge MULTIPORT AGG EMC 4CCT Newbridge
90161001CRefurbished Newbridge MULTIPORT AGGREGATE CARD Newbridge
90161001DRefurbished Newbridge MULTIPORT AGGREGATE CARD Newbridge
90161001ERefurbished Newbridge MULTIPORT AGGREGATE CARD Newbridge
90161002Refurbished Newbridge MULTIPORT AGG 4 CCT Newbridge
90161201OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90161201Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90161501Refurbished Newbridge UNIVERSAL DISTRIBUTION PANEL INCLUDES 2 25 P Newbridge
90162101Refurbished Newbridge NEWBRIDGE Newbridge
90162502Refurbished Newbridge H DUAL T1 CARD E/W 90-0567-01/C Newbridge
90162602Refurbished Newbridge DUAL 2.048 MBPS E1 CARD-2 Newbridge
9016360303PRefurbished Newbridge FRAME RELAY ENGINE CAB 29 Newbridge
90163701Refurbished Newbridge INTERCONNECT PANEL Newbridge
9016370103CRefurbished Newbridge MAINSTREET 36120 FASTBUS INTERCONNECT PANEL BOX 3 Newbridge
9016370103DRefurbished Newbridge MAINSTREET 36120 FASTBUS INTERCONNECT PANEL BOX 3 Newbridge
90163701DRefurbished Newbridge 36120 MAON STREET FASTBUS INTERCONNECT P Newbridge
90163710Refurbished Newbridge MPM-1G Newbridge
90163802PRefurbished Newbridge FRAME RELAY ENGINE Newbridge
90163803OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90163803Refurbished Newbridge FRAME RELAY ENGINE CAB 16 Newbridge
9016380303Refurbished Newbridge FRAME RELAY ENGINE SD Newbridge
9016380303ERefurbished Newbridge FRAME RELAY ENGINE CAB 18 Newbridge
9016380303GRefurbished Newbridge FRAME RELAY ENGINE CAB 18 Newbridge
9016380303HRefurbished Newbridge W/90043401/J Newbridge
9016380303KRefurbished Newbridge FRAME RELAY ENGINE CAB 25 Newbridge
9016380303MRefurbished Newbridge W/90043401/J Newbridge
9016380303NRefurbished Newbridge FRAME RELAY ENGINE CAB 11 Newbridge
9016380303PRefurbished Newbridge FRAME RELAY ENGINE W/90043401/J Newbridge
9016380303TRefurbished Newbridge FRAME RELAY ENGINE CAB 21 Newbridge
9016380303URefurbished Newbridge FRAME RELAY ENGINE CAB 11 Newbridge
9016380303VRefurbished Newbridge FRAME RELAY ENGINE CAB 12 Newbridge
9016380303VXRefurbished Newbridge W/90043401/J Newbridge
90163803ERefurbished Newbridge FRAME RELAY ENGINE Newbridge
90163803MRefurbished Newbridge FRAME RELAY ENGINE Newbridge
90163803REVTRefurbished Newbridge FRAME RELAY ENGINE Newbridge
90163803TRefurbished Newbridge FRAME RELAY ENGINE Newbridge
90163803XRefurbished Newbridge FRAME RELAY ENGINE Newbridge
90163811Refurbished Newbridge FRAME RELAY ENGINE R.3 Newbridge
9016381103CRefurbished Newbridge W/90043401/J Newbridge
90163815DRefurbished Newbridge FRAME RELAY ENGINE CARD Newbridge
90163901Refurbished Newbridge 3500 X.21 INV MUX MOD (IMM) Newbridge
90163901NOEM Newbridge 3500 X.21 INV MUS MOD (IMM) Newbridge
90164101OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90164101Refurbished Newbridge 3500 E1 ISDN MODULE Newbridge
90164202OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90164202Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90164203OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90164203Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90164204OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90164204Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90164204BRefurbished Newbridge UDP ADAPTER Newbridge
90164205Refurbished Newbridge UDP ADAP (V.35 DTE) Newbridge
90164206Refurbished Newbridge UDP ADAPTER (V.35 DCE) Newbridge
90164206CRefurbished Newbridge UDP ADAPTER V.35 Newbridge
90164206NOEM Newbridge V.35 (DCE) UDP ADAPT Newbridge
90164206NRefurbished Newbridge V.35 (DCE) UDP ADAPT Newbridge
90164207Refurbished Newbridge UDP ADAPTER (X.21 DTE) Newbridge
90164207NOEM Newbridge UDP ADAPTOR (X.21 DTE) Newbridge
90164208Refurbished Newbridge UDPX21 MOD (DCE) Newbridge
90164301Refurbished Newbridge V.35 MF Y CABLE DB25M DB25F Newbridge
90164304Refurbished Newbridge 3500 V.35 VTC/AIMM CABLE (VTEC) Newbridge
90164401NOEM Newbridge RS-422 DCC BUFFER MOD Newbridge
90164401NRefurbished Newbridge RS-422 DCC BUFFER MOD Newbridge
90164401RRefurbished Newbridge RS-422 DCC BUFFER MODULE Newbridge
90165101Refurbished Newbridge FASTBUS STP CASCADE MODULE Newbridge
9016510103Refurbished Newbridge FASTBUS STP CASCADE MODULE Newbridge
9016510103ARefurbished Newbridge CASCADE STP Newbridge
9016510103BRefurbished Newbridge CASCADE STP Newbridge
90165101BRefurbished Newbridge NETWORKING CARD Newbridge
90165201Refurbished Newbridge FASTBUS BYPASS MODULE Newbridge
9016520103ARefurbished Newbridge BYPASS Newbridge
90165201ARefurbished Newbridge BYPASS Newbridge
90165301Refurbished Newbridge CASCADE FIBER OPTIC MODULE Newbridge
90165402OEM Newbridge FASTBUS FRE FIP CHAMP CABLE Newbridge
90165402Refurbished Newbridge FASTBUS FRE-FIP Newbridge
90165502OEM Newbridge POWER TRAY CABLE KIT 3645 Newbridge
90165502Refurbished Newbridge FASTBUS S7P CASCADE Newbridge
90168201Refurbished Newbridge ENCRYPT MODULE Newbridge
90169702Refurbished Newbridge SUN CLASSIC AUDIO/AUI ADAPTER CABLE Newbridge
90171201Refurbished Newbridge ETHERNET ADAPTATION CARD Newbridge
9017120103OEM Newbridge ETHERNET ADAPTATION CARD Newbridge
9017120103Refurbished Newbridge . Newbridge
90171201032Refurbished Newbridge ETHERNET Newbridge
9017120103ARefurbished Newbridge ETHERNET CARD Newbridge
9017120103ZRefurbished Newbridge 36150 T3/ATM UNI/NNI (ETHERNET) Newbridge
9017120103ZARefurbished Newbridge ETHERNET CARD Newbridge
90171201BRefurbished Newbridge ETHERNET CARD Newbridge
90171201LRefurbished Newbridge ETHERNET CARD Newbridge
90171201LZARefurbished Newbridge ETHERNET CARD Newbridge
90171201NRefurbished Newbridge ETHERNET CARD Newbridge
90171201TRefurbished Newbridge ETHERNET CARD Newbridge
90171201VRefurbished Newbridge ETHERNET CARD Newbridge
90171201XRefurbished Newbridge ETHERNET CARD Newbridge
90171201YRefurbished Newbridge ETHERNET CARD Newbridge
90171201Y2ARefurbished Newbridge ETHERNET CARD Newbridge
90171201ZARefurbished Newbridge ETHERNET CARD Newbridge
90171601Refurbished Newbridge NTSC VIDEO CARD Newbridge
90171601FRefurbished Newbridge NTSC/JPEG VIDEO CARD Newbridge
90171601KRefurbished Newbridge NTSC/JPEG VIDEO CARD Newbridge
90171601LRefurbished Newbridge NTSC/JPEG VIDEO CARD Newbridge
90171601NOEM Newbridge NTSC VIDEO CARD Newbridge
90171601NRefurbished Newbridge NTSC/JPEG Newbridge
90171602Refurbished Newbridge NTSC VIDEO CARD Newbridge
9017160203Refurbished Newbridge NTSC/JPEG VIDEO CARD Newbridge
90171602ARefurbished Newbridge NTSC/JPEG VIDEO CARD Newbridge
90171602BRefurbished Newbridge NTSC/JPEG VIDEO CARD Newbridge
90171602CRefurbished Newbridge NTSC/JPEG VIDEO CARD Newbridge
9017160303H03Refurbished Newbridge NTSC/JPEG VIDEO CARD Newbridge
9017160303PRefurbished Newbridge NTSC/JPEG VIDEO CARD Newbridge
9017160303YRefurbished Newbridge NTSC/JPEG VIDEO CARD WITH CABLE Newbridge
90171701Refurbished Newbridge T3 ATM/PLCP Newbridge
90171701FRefurbished Newbridge 36150 T3 ATM CARD - T3 ATM/PLCP CARD 90-1717-01-F Newbridge
90171801Refurbished Newbridge LOCAL ATM 140 MBS MMF Newbridge
90171802KRefurbished Newbridge LATM 100M CARD Newbridge
90171901Refurbished Newbridge OC3/ATM IR INTERFACE CARD Newbridge
90171901DRefurbished Newbridge OC3 ATM CARD Newbridge
90171901FRefurbished Newbridge OC3 ATM CARD INT REACH 2 Newbridge
90171902Refurbished Newbridge 0C3/ATM LR INTERFACE CARD Newbridge
9017190203Refurbished Newbridge SONET OC3/ATM LR INTERFACE CARD Newbridge
9017190203DRefurbished Newbridge OC3 ATM CARD LONG REACH Newbridge
9017190203ERefurbished Newbridge OC3 ATM CAED 36150 OC3 SM LNG REACH Newbridge
90171902DRefurbished Newbridge OC3 ATM CARD LONG REACH Newbridge
90172002Refurbished Newbridge 00-R T1 TDM CARD Newbridge
9017200203OEM Newbridge T1/TDM CARD Newbridge
9017200203Refurbished Newbridge T1TDM CARD Newbridge
90172002NOEM Newbridge T1/TDM Newbridge
90172201OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90172201Refurbished Newbridge ATM 4PORT SWITCHING CARD 1 Newbridge
90172201BRefurbished Newbridge ATM 4PORT SWITCHING CARD Newbridge
90172202Refurbished Newbridge 4 PT SWITCHING CARD-2 Newbridge
9017220203OEM Newbridge ATM 4PORT SWITHC CARD Newbridge
9017220203BRefurbished Newbridge . Newbridge
90172202ARefurbished Newbridge ATM 4PORT SWITCH CARD 2 Newbridge
90172202BRefurbished Newbridge 4PORT SWITCH CARD 2 Newbridge
90172202DRefurbished Newbridge 4PORT SWITCH CARD Newbridge
90172203Refurbished Newbridge 4 PT SWITCHING CARD-3 Newbridge
901722030Refurbished Newbridge BOARD Newbridge
9017220303OEM Newbridge ATM 4PORT SWITCH Newbridge
9017220303BRefurbished Newbridge 36150 4PORT SW CARD 3 Newbridge
90172203BRefurbished Newbridge ATM 4PORT SWITCHING CARD 3 Newbridge
90172203CRefurbished Newbridge 4PORT SWITCH CARD 3 Newbridge
90172203DRefurbished Newbridge 4PORT SWITCH CARD 3 Newbridge
90172203ERefurbished Newbridge 4PORT SWITCH CARD Newbridge
90172203NOEM Newbridge 4 PT SWITCHING CARD - 3 Newbridge
90172203NRefurbished Newbridge 4 PT SWITCHING CARD - 3 Newbridge
9017220400ARefurbished Newbridge ATM 4PORT SWITCHING 4 Newbridge
9017220400BRefurbished Newbridge ATM 4PORT SWITCHING 4 Newbridge
9017220400DRefurbished Newbridge ATM 4PORT SWITCH 4 Newbridge
90172301Refurbished Newbridge 486DC POWER SUPPLY Newbridge
9017230103ARefurbished Newbridge 88V DC POWER SUPPLY CARD Newbridge
90172301CRefurbished Newbridge 48V DC POWER SUPPLY CARD Newbridge
90172302OEM Newbridge DC POWER SUPPLY CARD Newbridge
9017230203Refurbished Newbridge 36150 -48VDC PWR SUP 90-1723-02-03-A Newbridge
90172302ARefurbished Newbridge DC POWER SUPPLY CORD Newbridge
90172401Refurbished Newbridge 100/115 VAC Newbridge
9017240103ARefurbished Newbridge 36150 115V AC PWR SUPPLY Newbridge
90172401BRefurbished Newbridge 115AC P/S CARD Newbridge
90172401NOEM Newbridge 115VAC POWER SUPPLY Newbridge
90172401NRefurbished Newbridge 115VAC POWER SUPPLY Newbridge
90172402Refurbished Newbridge 100/115VAC POWER SUPPLY Newbridge
9017240203OEM Newbridge 115 VAC POWER SUPPLY Newbridge
90172402ARefurbished Newbridge AC POWER SUPPLY CARD Newbridge
90172402BRefurbished Newbridge 36150 ATMNET AC PWRSY Newbridge
9017250103OEM Newbridge ALARM CONTROLLER CARD Newbridge
90172501ARefurbished Newbridge ALARM CARD Newbridge
90172501BRefurbished Newbridge ALARM CARD Newbridge
90172602OEM Newbridge CONTROL CARD Newbridge
90172602Refurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD 1 Newbridge
9017260203OEM Newbridge CONTROL CARD Newbridge
9017260203DRefurbished Newbridge 36150 PROG CONTROL Newbridge
9017260203ERefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD Newbridge
90172602BRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD Newbridge
90172602CRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD Newbridge
90172602ERefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD Newbridge
90172602GRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD Newbridge
90173201Refurbished Newbridge BLANK FACEPLATE Newbridge
90175501Refurbished Newbridge CHANNEL NEWBRIDGE Newbridge
90177501Refurbished Newbridge ACS 802.3 ENCT AUI I/F Newbridge
90178201OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90178201Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90183201OEM Newbridge FASTBUS STP MODULE Newbridge
90183201Refurbished Newbridge FASTBUS STP MODULE Newbridge
9018320103Refurbished Newbridge FASTBUS STP MODULE Newbridge
9018320103BRefurbished Newbridge STP Newbridge
9018320103CRefurbished Newbridge 36120 FASTBUS STP MOD Newbridge
90183201CRefurbished Newbridge FASTBUS STP MODULE Newbridge
901832103C03Refurbished Newbridge STP Newbridge
90184202Refurbished Newbridge 3630 V.35/M34 DCM DISTRIBUTION PANEL Newbridge
90192101Refurbished Newbridge PCBMEM MOD 1YS CNT Newbridge
90195001Refurbished Newbridge ADTRAN DSU Newbridge
90196105Refurbished Newbridge 3500 UDC MODULE Newbridge
90196201Refurbished Newbridge DDX56 DSU/CSU Newbridge
90196303Refurbished Newbridge 3500 T113/R3 MEMORY MODULE Newbridge
90196401Refurbished Newbridge 3612 V.35 DB25M DSU CABLE Newbridge
90196402Refurbished Newbridge V.35 DB25M TO M34F Newbridge
90196901Refurbished Newbridge 4 PT 115 VAC RED SYS Newbridge
90197001Refurbished Newbridge 36150 MAIN STREET HUB Newbridge
9019730200PRefurbished Newbridge MAIN STREET ACCESS SWITCH Newbridge
90197302PRefurbished Newbridge MAIN STREET 36150 Newbridge
90198201Refurbished Newbridge T1 TRIB MOD 3 SLOT Newbridge
90198202Refurbished Newbridge T1 TRIB MODULE (1 SLOT) Newbridge
90198812BOEM Newbridge 3624 R12 DOCUMENTATION PACKAGE Newbridge
90198901Refurbished Newbridge T3 ATM UNT/NNI CARD2 Newbridge
9019890103OEM Newbridge T3ATM UNI/NNI CARD Newbridge
90198901GRefurbished Newbridge T3 UNI/NNI Newbridge
901989O1ARefurbished Newbridge T3 UNI/NNI CARD Newbridge
90199001Refurbished Newbridge W OC3 UNI/NMO INT. REACH Newbridge
9019900103OEM Newbridge OC-3 Newbridge
90199001032ARefurbished Newbridge DCS UNI NNI Newbridge
9019900103ERefurbished Newbridge OC3 UNI/NNI INT REACH Newbridge
9019900103HRefurbished Newbridge . Newbridge
9019900103KRefurbished Newbridge . Newbridge
901990012Refurbished Newbridge OC3 UNI INT REACH Newbridge
90199001DRefurbished Newbridge OC3 UNI/NNI INT REACH 2 Newbridge
90199001HRefurbished Newbridge OC3 UNI/NNI INT REACH Newbridge
90199001TRefurbished Newbridge OC3 UNI/NNI INT REACH Newbridge
90199001ZRefurbished Newbridge OC3 UNI/NNI INT REACH Newbridge
90199002Refurbished Newbridge 0C3/ATM LR INTERFACE CARD Newbridge
9019900200ZBRefurbished Newbridge . Newbridge
9019900203OEM Newbridge OC-3 Newbridge
9019900203Refurbished Newbridge OC3/ATMLR INTERFACE CARD REL2 Newbridge
9019900203ZARefurbished Newbridge . Newbridge
90199002KZRefurbished Newbridge OC3 UNI/NNI Newbridge
90199002NRefurbished Newbridge . Newbridge
90199002WRefurbished Newbridge OC3 UNI/NNI Newbridge
90199002ZRefurbished Newbridge OC3 UNI/NNI Newbridge
90199002ZARefurbished Newbridge OC3 UNI/NNI Newbridge
9019900300RRefurbished Newbridge OC3 MMF CARD Newbridge
9019900303Refurbished Newbridge OC3 ATM MMF CARD Newbridge
90199003ERefurbished Newbridge DC3 MMF Newbridge
90199003FRefurbished Newbridge OC3 MMF CARD Newbridge
90199003LRefurbished Newbridge OC3 MMF CARD Newbridge
90199003PRefurbished Newbridge DCS MMF Newbridge
9019901103Refurbished Newbridge OC IR ATM UNI/NNI3 Newbridge
9019901200FRefurbished Newbridge OC3 ATM UNI/NNI LR3 Newbridge
9019901203Refurbished Newbridge OC3LR ATM UNI/NNI3 Newbridge
90199501Refurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD 2 Newbridge
9019950100RTRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD 2 Newbridge
9019950103OEM Newbridge CONTROL CARD Newbridge
9019950103FRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD 2 Newbridge
9019950103PRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD 2 Newbridge
9019950103TRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD 2 Newbridge
90199501ARefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD 2 Newbridge
90199501DRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD 2 Newbridge
90199501ERefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD 2 Newbridge
90199501HRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD 2 Newbridge
90199501JRefurbished Newbridge BOARD Newbridge
90199501TRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD 2 Newbridge
9020Refurbished Newbridge SERIAL AUTO/MANUAL CHANGEOVER Newbridge
90200201Refurbished Newbridge 3624 120V WALLMOUNT SYSTEM Newbridge
90200202Refurbished Newbridge 3624 120V RACK MOUNT SYSTEM Newbridge
90200301Refurbished Newbridge 3624 BASIC SYS 48VDC WM Newbridge
90200412Refurbished Newbridge 3624 RELEASE 11 MEM MOD Newbridge
90200432Refurbished Newbridge 3624 REL 12 MEMORY MODULE Newbridge
90200432GOEM Newbridge 3624 R12 MEMORY MODULE (620C) Newbridge
90201403Refurbished Newbridge NILE E-NET BRANCH OFFICE ACCESS ROUTER Newbridge
90201701Refurbished Newbridge NEWBRIDGE ETHERNET INTERFACE Newbridge
90201702OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90201702Refurbished Newbridge 10 BASET (UTP) CARD Newbridge
90201801Refurbished Newbridge NILE RS232 I/F CARD 6/.24/V.28 Newbridge
90201802Refurbished Newbridge RS232 WAN INTERFACE Newbridge
90202001Refurbished Newbridge NILE V.35 CARD Newbridge
90202001NOEM Newbridge NILE V.35 CARD Newbridge
90202001NRefurbished Newbridge NILE V.35 CARD Newbridge
90202002Refurbished Newbridge V.35 I/F CARD Newbridge
90202101Refurbished Newbridge X.21 INTERFACE CARD Newbridge
90202501Refurbished Newbridge V.35 CABLE (TO DCE) DB25-V.35/M-M 10 FT Newbridge
90202601OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90202601Refurbished Newbridge CONSOLE PORT TO MODEM CBL Newbridge
90202701Refurbished Newbridge ADM DOCUMENT SET Newbridge
90209401OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90209401Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90209512OEM Newbridge S BUS N/C Newbridge
90209512Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90209512FRefurbished Newbridge SONET OC-3C MMF Newbridge
90209612Refurbished Newbridge VIVID FISA 0C-3C HARDWARE Newbridge
90210701Refurbished Newbridge VIVID SYSTEMS MANAGER TAPE Newbridge
90210901Refurbished Newbridge VIVID ROUTER SERVER SOFTWARE Newbridge
90211501Refurbished Newbridge YELLOW/RIDGE Newbridge
90211502OEM Newbridge ETHERNET YELLOW RIDGE UK New Open Box Newbridge
90211502Refurbished Newbridge VIVID YELLOW RIDGE 12-PORT 10BASET SWITCH W/FIBER ATM UPLINK Newbridge
90211701Refurbished Newbridge SW MMF ATM NETWORK GROUP SWITCH Newbridge
90212103Refurbished Newbridge SPRITE T1 24CH W/DSX-1 Newbridge
90212103ZCRefurbished Newbridge Z4 CH W/DSX-1 Newbridge
90212103ZRRefurbished Newbridge CARD Newbridge
90212901Refurbished Newbridge 3620 120V WM 20HZ BS Newbridge
90213111Refurbished Newbridge NEWBRIDGE 3620 MEMORY MODULE REL10 Newbridge
90213122Refurbished Newbridge 3620 R2 MEM MODULE Newbridge
90213122GRefurbished Newbridge U202/R2 MEM MOD Newbridge
90213132Refurbished Newbridge MEMORY MODULE Newbridge
90213201Refurbished Newbridge 3620 WM CONTROL CARD 1 Newbridge
90213330NOEM Newbridge 3620 UXO3/R3 DOCUMENTATION Newbridge
90214103Refurbished Newbridge NILE STD MP B/R FLASH Newbridge
90214301Refurbished Newbridge 3620 R2.0 FLASH MEMORY MODULE Newbridge
90214330Refurbished Newbridge 3620 R3.0 FLASH MM Newbridge
90214601Refurbished Newbridge IISVAC FAN UNIT Newbridge
90214601ARefurbished Newbridge FAN UNIT Newbridge
902147Q1Refurbished Newbridge 48VDC FAN UNIT Newbridge
90215103Refurbished Newbridge DMM GENERIC 1115.2 Newbridge
90215103MRefurbished Newbridge DAUGHTER BOARD Newbridge
90215203Refurbished Newbridge NEWBRIDGE Newbridge
90215203NOEM Newbridge DMM GENERIC C115.2 Newbridge
90215303Refurbished Newbridge NEWBRIDGE-DMM GENERIC D115.2 Newbridge
90215306Refurbished Newbridge NEWBRIDGE Newbridge
90215801OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90215801Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90217201OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90217201Refurbished Newbridge NETWORK ADM DOC SET Newbridge
90218001Refurbished Newbridge TERMINATION CARD/R2.X Newbridge
9021800103ERefurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90218001ERefurbished Newbridge TERMINATION CARD Newbridge
90218101Refurbished Newbridge SWITCHING SHELF CARD FILE Newbridge
90218201Refurbished Newbridge DUAL SWITCHING CARD Newbridge
9021821203CRefurbished Newbridge . Newbridge
90218302Refurbished Newbridge DRX PLUG IN CARD Newbridge
90218302BRefurbished Newbridge DRX CARD 90-2183-02/B Newbridge
90218302COEM Newbridge DRX CARD Newbridge
90218302CRefurbished Newbridge DRX CARD 90-2183-02/C Newbridge
90218501Refurbished Newbridge DUAL HUB CARD Newbridge
90218511ARefurbished Newbridge HUB Newbridge
90218512HRefurbished Newbridge Newbridge
9021860103VRefurbished Newbridge 36170 CONTROL CARD Newbridge
9021860103XRefurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90218601VRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD Newbridge
90218611Refurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD Newbridge
9021861103CRefurbished Newbridge 36170 CONTROL CARD Newbridge
9021861103DRefurbished Newbridge . Newbridge
90218611CRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD Newbridge
90218611DRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD Newbridge
90218611ERefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD Newbridge
90218611FRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL Newbridge
90218611HRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD Newbridge
90218611REVDRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD Newbridge
90218621Refurbished Newbridge NEWBRIDGE Newbridge
90218621ARefurbished Newbridge . Newbridge
90218621BRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL Newbridge
90218621HRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL Newbridge
90218631Refurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD R2.3 Newbridge
9021863103HRefurbished Newbridge . Newbridge
90218631CRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD 90-2186-31/C Newbridge
90218631DRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD Newbridge
9021870103Refurbished Newbridge STRATUM3SSU/R2.1 Newbridge
9021870103ARefurbished Newbridge 36170 STRATUM 3 MOD Newbridge
9021870103BRefurbished Newbridge 36170 STRATUM 3 MOD Newbridge
90218701BRefurbished Newbridge DAUGHTER BOARD Newbridge
90218701CRefurbished Newbridge STRATUM 3 SSU MODULE Newbridge
90218801WRefurbished Newbridge OC3 IR Newbridge
9021881103CRefurbished Newbridge 36170 OC3 ATM UNI/NNI Newbridge
9021881103DRefurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90218811CRefurbished Newbridge OC3IR CIRCUIT BOARD Newbridge
9021881203FRefurbished Newbridge . Newbridge
90218812FRefurbished Newbridge . Newbridge
90218813DRefurbished Newbridge OC3 MMF Newbridge
9021882103GRefurbished Newbridge . Newbridge
9021882103HRefurbished Newbridge . Newbridge
90218821FRefurbished Newbridge OC3 IR Newbridge
90218901Refurbished Newbridge DS3 ATM UNI/NNI R1.3 Newbridge
9021890103NRefurbished Newbridge 36170 T3 UNI/NNI CO Newbridge
9021891103BRefurbished Newbridge Newbridge
9021891103DRefurbished Newbridge . Newbridge
90218911BRefurbished Newbridge TDS3 CIRCUIT BOARD Newbridge
90218911ERefurbished Newbridge TDS3 Newbridge
90218921BRefurbished Newbridge TDS3 CARD Newbridge
90218931Refurbished Newbridge NEWBRIDGE Newbridge
9021893103Refurbished Newbridge DSB ATM UNI/NNI R2.3 Newbridge
9021893103ERefurbished Newbridge . Newbridge
90218931ERefurbished Newbridge TDS3 CARD Newbridge
90218931GRefurbished Newbridge TDS3 CARD Newbridge
90218931NRefurbished Newbridge TDS3 CARD Newbridge
90219001Refurbished Newbridge PERIPHERAL SHELF CARD FILE Newbridge
9021900103FRefurbished Newbridge 36170 DL PERIPHERAL SH Newbridge
9021900103GRefurbished Newbridge 36170 DL PERIPHERAL SH Newbridge
90219001JRefurbished Newbridge 36170 MAINSTREET SHELF Newbridge
90219301Refurbished Newbridge 3624 620B/R11 FLASH MM Newbridge
90219312Refurbished Newbridge 3624 R12 MEMORY MODULE Newbridge
90219701Refurbished Newbridge BASIC RATE S/T I/F CARD Newbridge
90219702OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90219702Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90220001Refurbished Newbridge T1 IHTU-C2 MASTER Newbridge
90220001NOEM Newbridge T1 - IHTU - C2 Newbridge
90220002Refurbished Newbridge T1 IHTU-R SLAVE Newbridge
90220002NOEM Newbridge T1 - IHTU - R2 Newbridge
90220201Refurbished Newbridge DB25M-DB25F RS530 DTE Newbridge
90220801Refurbished Newbridge DB25M TO DB37F RS449/V.36 DCE Newbridge
90221001Refurbished Newbridge CABLE TO MODEM V35 10FT M-M Newbridge
90224423JRefurbished Newbridge E1FR CARD Newbridge
90225401Refurbished Newbridge 3630 RM DISTR PANEL BRKT Newbridge
9022540100AOEM Newbridge 19 DISTR PNL RM BRKT Newbridge
90225501ERefurbished Newbridge 3620 MAINSTREET DIST PANEL Newbridge
90225501FRefurbished Newbridge 3620 MAINSTREET DIST PANEL Newbridge
90225501NOEM Newbridge 3620 DISTRIBUTION PANEL Newbridge
90225603Refurbished Newbridge DISTRIBUTION PANEL Newbridge
90225802Refurbished Newbridge X.21 DCE UDP Newbridge
90225803Refurbished Newbridge 36SM V.35/DB25 DCE UDP MODULE Newbridge
90225804Refurbished Newbridge PERSONALITY 36SM V.35/M34 DCE UDP MODULE Newbridge
90225805Refurbished Newbridge PASS THROUGH PERSONALITY MOD Newbridge
90225805ARefurbished Newbridge NB 36 SM PASS TROUGH UDP MODULE Newbridge
90225807OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90225807Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90225808OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90225808Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90226501OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90226501Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90226701Refurbished Newbridge 16PORT VT-1.5 MAPPER CARD Newbridge
90226801Refurbished Newbridge 90-2268-01 DANUBE POWER SUPPLY 220V C/W LARGE 5PIN DIN PLUG OUTPUT 24V Newbridge
90226801NOEM Newbridge 220V P/S-DANUBE Newbridge
90226801NRefurbished Newbridge 220V P/S-DANUBE Newbridge
90226802Refurbished Newbridge POWER SUPPLY 110V Newbridge
90227103OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90227103Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90227301Refurbished Newbridge 802.3 ETHERNET INTERFACE CARD Newbridge
90227501OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90227501Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90227601Refurbished Newbridge AMAZON T1 DSX-1 INTERFACE CARD DB15 CONNECTOR Newbridge
90227801OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90227801Refurbished Newbridge AMAZON DUAL PORT WAN MODULE Newbridge
90227901NOEM Newbridge 4MB DRAIM FIELD UPGRADE KIT Newbridge
90227901NRefurbished Newbridge 4MB DRAIM FIELD UPGRADE KIT Newbridge
90228901Refurbished Newbridge DRX FILLER PLATE (SHORT) 7 PK Newbridge
90228901ERefurbished Newbridge FILLER CARDS SMALL Newbridge
90228901REVERefurbished Newbridge DRX FILLER PLATE Newbridge
90229301Refurbished Newbridge BLANK CARD ( LONG ) Newbridge
90229301ERefurbished Newbridge FILLER BOARDS Newbridge
90229301REVERefurbished Newbridge FILLER PLATE Newbridge
90229401BRefurbished Newbridge E3 CARD Newbridge
90229401GRefurbished Newbridge E3 CARD Newbridge
90229411DRefurbished Newbridge E3 CARD Newbridge
90229431ERefurbished Newbridge E3 ATM Newbridge
90229451Refurbished Newbridge E3 Newbridge
90229501Refurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD INTERCONNECT PANEL Newbridge
9022950103BRefurbished Newbridge 36170 CONT CD INTCONN Newbridge
9022950103CRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD INTERCONNECT PANEL Newbridge
90229502Refurbished Newbridge CTL CARD I/O PNL INTERNATIONAL Newbridge
90229604Refurbished Newbridge 7470 ISL 10M-DUPLEX CABLE Newbridge
90229801Refurbished Newbridge FILLER PLATE - DSC&H/S (LONG) 7 PK Newbridge
90229801EOEM Newbridge FILLER PLATES Newbridge
90229801ERefurbished Newbridge FILLER PLATES Newbridge
90229801REVERefurbished Newbridge FILLER PLATES/DSC & H/S SLOTS Newbridge
90230301Refurbished Newbridge 3630 V35/M34 EXTENDED LID Newbridge
90230516BRefurbished Newbridge STM1 IR CARD Newbridge
90231101Refurbished Newbridge PE FR R3&X.25 R1.2 EMC Newbridge
90232200CRefurbished Newbridge FILTER Newbridge
90232202Refurbished Newbridge MAU DS3 ADAPTER FOR 36170 Newbridge
9023220200CRefurbished Newbridge INTERFACE CONNECTOR 3-WAY DUPLEX Newbridge
90232502Refurbished Newbridge 3620 ETHERNET B/ROUTER-HUB Newbridge
90232904OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90232904Refurbished Newbridge NILE ROUTER 1-ENET 2/WAN IP/IPX/AT Newbridge
90233601Refurbished Newbridge 4M BYTE FLASH MENU KIT Newbridge
90234003Refurbished Newbridge DS-3 INTERFACE CARD-2 H117 Newbridge
90234003ERefurbished Newbridge DS-3 CARD Newbridge
90234003JRefurbished Newbridge DS-3 CARD 90-2340-03/J Newbridge
90234004JRefurbished Newbridge DS-3 CARD Newbridge
90234101Refurbished Newbridge AMPHINOL CABLE Newbridge
90234103Refurbished Newbridge 36SM CABLE Newbridge
90235201OEM Newbridge 4 PT ETHERNET CARD Newbridge
90235201Refurbished Newbridge 00-F 4PORT ETHERNET Newbridge
90235901Refurbished Newbridge FRAME RELAY SWITCH Newbridge
90236601Refurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD Newbridge
90236901Refurbished Newbridge DMM GEN 1116.0 OPTION CARD Newbridge
90236901GRefurbished Newbridge DAUGHTER BOARD Newbridge
90236901HRefurbished Newbridge DAUGHTER BOARD Newbridge
90236901JRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD Newbridge
90236901KRefurbished Newbridge DAUGHTER BOARD Newbridge
90236901MRefurbished Newbridge DAUGHTER BOARD Newbridge
90236902Refurbished Newbridge DMM GENERIC 1116.1 Newbridge
90237001Refurbished Newbridge 3645 SWITCH DMM C116.0 Newbridge
90237001NOEM Newbridge DMM GENERIC C116.0 Newbridge
90237001NRefurbished Newbridge DMM GENERIC C116.0 Newbridge
90237002Refurbished Newbridge DDM GENERIC C116.1 Newbridge
90237101Refurbished Newbridge 3645 PERIPH DMM D116.0 Newbridge
90237102Refurbished Newbridge DMM GENERIC D116.1 Newbridge
90237401OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90237401Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90237801Refurbished Newbridge POWER SUPPLY 87/264 VAC Newbridge
90237801USRefurbished Newbridge AC POWER SUPPLY 110/120 VAC 60HZ FOR USE IN Newbridge
90237802Refurbished Newbridge POWER SUPPLY - 48/60 VDC Newbridge
90237802ARefurbished Newbridge POWER SUPPLY Newbridge
90242001Refurbished Newbridge MAINSTREET 36120 FRATM INTERNETWORKING UNIT BOX 3 Newbridge
9024200103GRefurbished Newbridge 36120 MAINSTREET FRATM INTERWORKING UNIT Newbridge
9024200103JRefurbished Newbridge 36120FRATM UNIT Newbridge
9024200103LRefurbished Newbridge MAINSTREET 36120 FRATM INTERNETWORKING UNIT BOX 3 Newbridge
902420013JRefurbished Newbridge 36120 MAINSTREET Newbridge
90242006FRefurbished Newbridge 36120 MAINSTREET FRATM INTERWORKING UNIT Newbridge
90243399OEM Newbridge NILE V.35 CARD Newbridge
90243399Refurbished Newbridge 2614 MAINSTREET FRAME RELAY Newbridge
90243401OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90243401Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90243402Refurbished Newbridge NEWBRIDGE Newbridge
90243501OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90243501Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90243901OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90243901Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90246102Refurbished Newbridge FASTBUS FRATM-FIP Newbridge
90247301Refurbished Newbridge FRAME RELAY SOFTWARE BRIXTON Newbridge
90247401Refurbished Newbridge PPP PROTOCOLS - BRIXTON Newbridge
90248801Refurbished Newbridge PSU TRAY Newbridge
90248802Refurbished Newbridge 220/240V PSU Newbridge
90250701HRefurbished Newbridge HUB CARD Newbridge
90250711Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
902507110BRefurbished Newbridge 36170SWG HUB CD 2.1 Newbridge
90250711DRefurbished Newbridge HUB CARD 90-2507-11/D Newbridge
90250712Refurbished Newbridge S-HUB-NSX/R2.1 Newbridge
9025071203DRefurbished Newbridge 36170 SWG HUB CD 2.1 Newbridge
90250712DRefurbished Newbridge HUB CARD Newbridge
90251301Refurbished Newbridge SINGEL SHELF REDUNDANCY KIT Newbridge
90251301BRefurbished Newbridge SSRA CARD Newbridge
90251403BRefurbished Newbridge E1CE CARD Newbridge
90251701Refurbished Newbridge T1CE 8PORT A Newbridge
90251701KRefurbished Newbridge T1CE CARD Newbridge
90251701PRefurbished Newbridge T1CE CARD Newbridge
90251703ARefurbished Newbridge E1CE CARD Newbridge
90251703BRefurbished Newbridge E1CE CARD Newbridge
90251703REVARefurbished Newbridge E1CE CARD Newbridge
90251712Refurbished Newbridge E1 CE CARD Newbridge
90251712ERefurbished Newbridge E1CE CARD 90-2517-12/E Newbridge
90251731Refurbished Newbridge T1 CE 8PORT R4.0 Newbridge
90251732JRefurbished Newbridge E1CE CARD Newbridge
90251733Refurbished Newbridge E/CE CARD Newbridge
90251733CRefurbished Newbridge E1CE CARD Newbridge
90251733GRefurbished Newbridge E1CE CARD Newbridge
90251733HRefurbished Newbridge E1CE CARD Newbridge
90251741Refurbished Newbridge T1 CE 8-PORT MODULE R4.2 Newbridge
90251762Refurbished Newbridge E1 CIRCUIT EMULATION (CES) 120 OHM/8 PORT Newbridge
9025410103PRefurbished Newbridge 36170 OCTAL PRI UNCHAN Newbridge
9025410103RRefurbished Newbridge T1FR CARD Newbridge
90254101PRefurbished Newbridge T1FR CIRCUIT BOARD Newbridge
90254101WRefurbished Newbridge CALL FOR INFO Newbridge
9025411103FRefurbished Newbridge T1FR Newbridge
90254111BRefurbished Newbridge T1FR Newbridge
90254111DRefurbished Newbridge T1FR Newbridge
9025412103NRefurbished Newbridge T1FR Newbridge
90254141Refurbished Newbridge T1 FR CARD Newbridge
9025414100JRefurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90254141LRefurbished Newbridge T1FR CARD Newbridge
90254151Refurbished Newbridge T1 PRI UFR 100OHM OCTAL R4.2 Newbridge
90254201ARefurbished Newbridge CONNECTOR Newbridge
90254201REVARefurbished Newbridge MAU PRI AMP/CHAMP Newbridge
90254202Refurbished Newbridge MAU PRI WIRE WRAP Newbridge
90254202ARefurbished Newbridge MAU_ PRI WIRE WRAP Newbridge
90254202REVARefurbished Newbridge WIRE ADAPTER Newbridge
90254301Refurbished Newbridge PRI RJ45 PANEL Newbridge
9025440103Refurbished Newbridge QUAD PRI CHANNEL Newbridge
90254401031Refurbished Newbridge . Newbridge
9025440103NRefurbished Newbridge T1FR Newbridge
9025440103ZRefurbished Newbridge . Newbridge
90254401ZRefurbished Newbridge . Newbridge
90254421Refurbished Newbridge T1 PRI CFR QUAD CARD R2.3 Newbridge
9025442103FRefurbished Newbridge T1FR Newbridge
9025442103NRefurbished Newbridge T1FR Newbridge
90254421FRefurbished Newbridge T2FR Newbridge
90254421HRefurbished Newbridge T1FR Newbridge
90254423JRefurbished Newbridge E1FR CARD Newbridge
90254441Refurbished Newbridge T1 CFR R31 Newbridge
90254443Refurbished Newbridge E1 75 PRI CFR QUAD R3.1 Newbridge
90254463Refurbished Newbridge QUAD E1 CFR 75OHM R4.2 Newbridge
90254831Refurbished Newbridge NEWBRIDGE Newbridge
90259502Refurbished Newbridge BURGUNDY 4PORT FRAD Newbridge
90260001OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90260001Refurbished Newbridge NIC DRIVER FOR SUA SPARE Newbridge
9026070103ARefurbished Newbridge MAINSTREET 36120 FASTBUS INTERCONNECT PANEL BOX 3 Newbridge
90260701ARefurbished Newbridge 36120FRATM PANEL Newbridge
90261401Refurbished Newbridge DANUBE/NILE RS-232 CABLE Newbridge
90261601Refurbished Newbridge CONTIENENTAL VERSION POWER CABLE Newbridge
90261603OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90261603Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90261801Refurbished Newbridge 4M BYTE FLASH MENU Newbridge
90262101Refurbished Newbridge AMAZON/4200 RS232 CBL F-F 10FT Newbridge
90263401OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90263401Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90263601OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90263601Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90263902JRefurbished Newbridge DMM GEN 1116.1 MOD Newbridge
9026650OEM ATM-1 CARD NewBridge
9026650Refurbished ATM-1 CARD NewBridge
90266702Refurbished Newbridge 16PORT VT-1.5 MAPPER CARD SUPPORTS 16 T1 PO Newbridge
90266801OEM TU12 MAPPING CARD NewBridge
90266801Refurbished TU12 MAPPING CARD NewBridge
90267301Refurbished Newbridge FRATM REDVNDANCY CBL Newbridge
90267801Refurbished Newbridge V.35 DTE DB25 TO M34 MALE 1 METER Newbridge
90267803Refurbished Newbridge V.35 DCE CABLE DB25 TO M34 FEMALE Newbridge
90267903Refurbished Newbridge NEWBRIDGE Newbridge
90267904Refurbished Newbridge DB25 MALE 8' Newbridge
90269301OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90269301Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90269501OEM Newbridge 115VAC POWER SUPPLY Newbridge
90269501Refurbished Newbridge SPRITE 46020 T1 W/CSU Newbridge
90270001OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90270001Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90273404Refurbished Newbridge COLORADO ROUTER Newbridge
90273502Refurbished Newbridge COLORADO 3W1TR STD Newbridge
90276602Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90276701OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90276701Refurbished Newbridge CABLE FR UNCHN Newbridge
90276702OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90276702Refurbished Newbridge D PNL CABLE Newbridge
90277801OEM Newbridge CONTROL CARD 2 Newbridge
90277801Refurbished Newbridge 00-F CONTROL CARD Newbridge
9027780200CRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD 2 Newbridge
90277804Refurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD-2 (R3.4) Newbridge
9027780400DRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD 2 Newbridge
9027780400ERefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD 2 Newbridge
90278001Refurbished Newbridge NILE/DANUBE 56K/64K DSU/CSU WAN IF Newbridge
90279301Refurbished Newbridge BLANKING PLATE Newbridge
90280001Refurbished Newbridge 3620 AMP-M34 CABLE Newbridge
90280401Refurbished Newbridge CONGO IP/IPX ISDN S/T 110V Newbridge
90284402Refurbished Newbridge PSU 220/240V Newbridge
90285701NOEM Newbridge TEST MODULE Newbridge
90286401ERefurbished Newbridge SVC CARD Newbridge
90286401JRefurbished Newbridge SVC Newbridge
90286421Refurbished Newbridge SVC A Newbridge
9028650100ARefurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90288201Refurbished Newbridge VIVID YELLOW RIDGE MMF 10 BASE FL P2 Newbridge
9029030103JRefurbished Newbridge 36170 VIDEO COMPR CD - JPEG VIDEO CARD 9R171603 90-2903-01-03-J Newbridge
90290968AERELIRefurbished Newbridge AVAILABLE Newbridge
90290969AERELIRefurbished Newbridge AVAILABLE Newbridge
90291701OEM Newbridge N-ICU WAN BRI Newbridge
90291701Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90291801REVARefurbished Newbridge FIC FILLER PLATES Newbridge
90292002ARefurbished Newbridge RIDGE/CSI SMF PHY MOD Newbridge
90293101Refurbished Newbridge VIVID ORANGE RIDGE 12-100BT/100-ATM Newbridge
90293111Refurbished Newbridge VIVID ORANGE RIDGE 12-PORT 10/100 SWITCH W/FIBER ATM UPLINK Newbridge
90293111ARefurbished Newbridge VIVID ORANGE RIDGE 12-PORTS 10/100BASE-TX RJ45 WITH FIBER ATM UPLINK 1XPSU Newbridge
90296202Refurbished Newbridge MPEG BCAST EN/DE VIDEO CARD Newbridge
90296203Refurbished Newbridge MPEG COMP CONF EN/DE VIDEO CD Newbridge
90296504OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90296504Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90296505OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90296505Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90296801OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90296801Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90297601Refurbished Newbridge V.35 (TO DTE) CABLE F-F 10FT Newbridge
90298801OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90298801Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90299804NOEM Newbridge 275X RS449 M-F DTU DCE CPE DTE CABLE Newbridge
90300001Refurbished Newbridge VIVID CS 3000 CHASSIS Newbridge
90300101Refurbished Newbridge VIVID CS 3000 SWITCHING BOARD Newbridge
9030010100ARefurbished Newbridge SWITCHING CARD Newbridge
90300211Refurbished Newbridge VIVID CS 3000 QUAD OC3 MMF Newbridge
90300501Refurbished Newbridge VIVID CONTROL CARD Newbridge
90308101Refurbished Newbridge DMM GEN 1117 Newbridge
90308101FRefurbished Newbridge DMM GEN 1117.0 Newbridge
90308102Refurbished Newbridge DMM117.1 MEM. MOD. Newbridge
90308201Refurbished Newbridge DMM GENERIC C117.0 Newbridge
90308201FRefurbished Newbridge DMM GEN C117.0 CARD Newbridge
90308201GRefurbished Newbridge DMM GEN C117.0 CARD Newbridge
90308202Refurbished Newbridge DMM GENERIC - C117.1 Newbridge
90308202DRefurbished Newbridge DMM GENERIC - C117.1 Newbridge
90308301Refurbished Newbridge DMM GEN. D117.0 Newbridge
90308301FRefurbished Newbridge DMM GEN D117.0 CARD Newbridge
90308301KRefurbished Newbridge DMM GENERIC D117.0 Newbridge
90308302Refurbished Newbridge DMM GENERIC - D117.1 Newbridge
90308302BRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD Newbridge
90308604NOEM Newbridge 36LG REL 7.1 CO CUST DOC Newbridge
90308604NRefurbished Newbridge 36LG REL 7.1 CO CUST DOC Newbridge
90311301Refurbished Newbridge VIVID ROUTE SERVE-ATM Newbridge
90311301GRefurbished Newbridge VIVID ROUTE SERVER ATM/ETHERNET Newbridge
90311601Refurbished Newbridge DS3 CES SINGLE PORT Newbridge
9031161103FRefurbished Newbridge . Newbridge
9031165GRefurbished Newbridge DS3CCE Newbridge
90315201Refurbished Newbridge DUAL BNC TO RJ45 ADAPT Newbridge
90316212Refurbished Newbridge 800M ISL HUB R3.1 Newbridge
90316601Refurbished Newbridge NEWBRIDGE YUKON IP/X Newbridge
90325002Refurbished Newbridge VIVID ATM WORKING GROUP SWITCH Newbridge
90328701ARefurbished Newbridge SONET OC-3C MMF Newbridge
9032900103FRefurbished Newbridge DS3 UFR Newbridge
9032900103JRefurbished Newbridge DS3 UFR Newbridge
9032901103LRefurbished Newbridge CALL FOR INFO Newbridge
9032903103ERefurbished Newbridge DS3 UFR Newbridge
90331801OEM Newbridge NEWBRIDGE 2721 ETHERNET IP/IPX ROUTER Newbridge
90334601Refurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD 2/R3.1 Newbridge
9033460103YRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL 2 CARD Newbridge
90334601ERefurbished Newbridge CONTROL 2 CARD Newbridge
90334601JRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL 2 CARD Newbridge
90334701Refurbished Newbridge STRATUM 3 SSU MODULE Newbridge
90334701BRefurbished Newbridge DAUGHTER BOARDS ON P/N 90334601 Newbridge
90335101FRefurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90335102FRefurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90335111DRefurbished Newbridge MAINSTREET 3608 PACKET ACCESS MULTIPLEXER Newbridge
90341501Refurbished Newbridge NEWBBRIDGE TDK CYBEREX Newbridge
90343602OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90343602Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
9034460100ARefurbished Newbridge DC PWR SUPPLY Newbridge
90348001OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90348001Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90359701Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90359803JRefurbished Newbridge DSC CARD Newbridge
90359812Refurbished Newbridge NEWBRIDGE Newbridge
9035981203CRefurbished Newbridge 36170 DUAL SWG CD 2.1 Newbridge
9035981203JRefurbished Newbridge . Newbridge
90359812ERefurbished Newbridge DSC Newbridge
90359813Refurbished Newbridge DSC-1310/NSX 2.X Newbridge
9035981303Refurbished Newbridge . Newbridge
9035981303CRefurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90359823Refurbished Newbridge DSC-1310/NSX/R3.1 Newbridge
90359823BRefurbished Newbridge DSC CARD Newbridge
90359823ERefurbished Newbridge DSC CARD Newbridge
90359823JRefurbished Newbridge DSC CARD Newbridge
90359823LRefurbished Newbridge DSC CARD Newbridge
90359912Refurbished Newbridge D HUB Newbridge
9035991203Refurbished Newbridge DHOB 1310/DIABLO/R2.1 Newbridge
9035991203DRefurbished Newbridge . Newbridge
9035991203HRefurbished Newbridge HUB Newbridge
9035991203LRefurbished Newbridge . Newbridge
9035991203MRefurbished Newbridge HUB Newbridge
90359912HRefurbished Newbridge HUB Newbridge
90359912LRefurbished Newbridge DHUB Newbridge
90360001Refurbished Newbridge MAINSTREET 3600 Newbridge
90366901Refurbished Newbridge PWR TRAY SINGLE 120VAC Newbridge
90366901ERefurbished Newbridge 3645 BANDWIDTH MANAGER Newbridge
90366902Refurbished Newbridge 19-INCH POWER TRAY DUAL AC Newbridge
90366902NOEM Newbridge POWER TRAY DUAL AC Newbridge
90366903Refurbished Newbridge POWER TRAY -48/60VDC Newbridge
90366903NOEM Newbridge POWER TRAY - 48/60VDC Newbridge
90366903NRefurbished Newbridge POWER TRAY - 48/60VDC Newbridge
90370302OEM Newbridge ACCNEW G124P ETH CON TIER2 Newbridge
90380803Refurbished Newbridge GEORIM/EDT 16 PORTS/ 1 FX Newbridge
90382101Refurbished Newbridge HUB ACCESS STAX 16PORT Newbridge
90409302GRefurbished Newbridge V.35 DATA TERMINATION UNIT Newbridge
90444101Refurbished Newbridge 6 SLOT AC SYSTEM Newbridge
90444901Refurbished Newbridge BLANK Newbridge
90445302Refurbished Newbridge STAND ALONE HUBCARD Newbridge
90445401Refurbished Newbridge T1 4PORT CFR CARD Newbridge
90445501Refurbished Newbridge T1 & PORT CE CARD Newbridge
90445802Refurbished Newbridge E3 3PORT CR CARD Newbridge
90445901Refurbished Newbridge T1 8PORT CR CRD Newbridge
90445902Refurbished Newbridge E3 3PORT CR CRD Newbridge
90446001Refurbished Newbridge T1 8PORT I/O CRD Newbridge
90446002OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90446103Refurbished Newbridge E175OHM INTEF CRD Newbridge
90446201Refurbished Newbridge OC3/STM1 SR (MMF) I/O Newbridge
90446301ARefurbished Newbridge DS3/E3 INTERFACE CARD Newbridge
90446401REVCRefurbished Newbridge ALARM I/O CARD Newbridge
904523001OEM Newbridge DCD-523 Newbridge
90465401Refurbished Newbridge DSP CODEC MOD Newbridge
90466902Refurbished Newbridge ETL CARD-2 + SSU 670 Newbridge
9046711103Refurbished Newbridge 36170 CELL REL CD 2.2 Newbridge
9046711103ERefurbished Newbridge 36170 CELL REL CD 2.2 Newbridge
90467111BRefurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90467122Refurbished Newbridge E1 CR 120 ATM CARD R2.3 Newbridge
90467122JRefurbished Newbridge E1 120 CR CARD Newbridge
90467123Refurbished Newbridge E1 CR 75 ATM CARD R2.3 Newbridge
90467141Refurbished Newbridge T1 CR ATM CARD R3.1 Newbridge
90467141BRefurbished Newbridge T1 CR CARD Newbridge
90467141HRefurbished Newbridge T1 CR CARD Newbridge
90467141KRefurbished Newbridge T1 CR CARD Newbridge
90467151Refurbished Newbridge CARD ALA 7470 T1CR CELL REL Newbridge
90467201Refurbished Newbridge IMA MODULE - T1/E1 ATM CARD Newbridge
90467201BRefurbished Newbridge IMA TI/EI ATM MODULE Newbridge
90468902Refurbished Newbridge CONGO VOICE ROUTER ACC NEWBRIDGE Newbridge
90469101OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90469101Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90471201Refurbished Newbridge NEWBRIDGE Newbridge
90471601Refurbished Newbridge POWER TRAY CABLE KIT 3600 Newbridge
90471601NOEM Newbridge POWER TRAY CABLE KIT 3600 Newbridge
90471602NOEM Newbridge POWER TRAY CABLE KIT 3645 Newbridge
90471602NRefurbished Newbridge POWER TRAY CABLE KIT 3645 Newbridge
90472401Refurbished Newbridge M/S TRAFFIC SHAPING MDL Newbridge
9047240103Refurbished Newbridge . Newbridge
9047240103K03Refurbished Newbridge CARD Newbridge
90472401BOEM Newbridge DAUGHTER BOARD Newbridge
90472401BRefurbished Newbridge DAUGHTER BOARD Newbridge
90472401GRefurbished Newbridge DAUGHTER BOARD 90-4724-01/G Newbridge
90472401JRefurbished Newbridge DAUGHTER BOARD ON 90490921 Newbridge
90472401KOEM Newbridge DAUGHTER BOARD Newbridge
90472401KRefurbished Newbridge DAUGHTER BOARD ON 90490921 Newbridge
90490501ERefurbished Newbridge OC3-2 IR CARD Newbridge
90490501FRefurbished Newbridge OC3-2 IR CARD Newbridge
90490516FRefurbished Newbridge OC3-2M 1R Newbridge
90490518Refurbished Newbridge NEWBRIDGE OC3-2M MMF Newbridge
90490521DRefurbished Newbridge 0C3-2 IR CARD Newbridge
90490521ERefurbished Newbridge OC3-2 IR CARD 90-4905-21/E Newbridge
90490521GRefurbished Newbridge OC3-2 IR CARD Newbridge
90490521HRefurbished Newbridge OC3-2 IR CARD Newbridge
90490521KRefurbished Newbridge OC3-2 IR CARD Newbridge
90490521URefurbished Newbridge OC3-2 IR CARD 90-4905-21/U Newbridge
90490521VRefurbished Newbridge OC3-2 IR CARD Newbridge
90490521XRefurbished Newbridge OC3-2 IR CARD Newbridge
9049052203HRefurbished Newbridge OC3-2 LR Newbridge
90490522LRefurbished Newbridge OC3-2LR CARD Newbridge
90490523ERefurbished Newbridge OC3-2 MMF CARD Newbridge
9049060203Refurbished Newbridge OC3/5TM13XPCBMM2 Newbridge
9049062Refurbished Newbridge 03/STMI3XPC8MM2 Newbridge
90490701Refurbished Newbridge PERIPHERAL SHELF 2 R3.1 Newbridge
90490701KRefurbished Newbridge 36170 MAIN STREET PERIPHERAL SHELF Newbridge
90490901Refurbished Newbridge STM1 2R Newbridge
90490901FRefurbished Newbridge STM1-2 IR CARD Newbridge
90490901NRefurbished Newbridge STM1-2 IR CARD Newbridge
90490902Refurbished Newbridge STM1-2 LR 32K UNI/NNI Newbridge
90490904LRefurbished Newbridge STM1-2 ELECT CARD Newbridge
90490904NRefurbished Newbridge STM1-2 ELECT CARD Newbridge
90490921Refurbished Newbridge STM1-2 IR UNI/NNI R3.1 Newbridge
90490921XRefurbished Newbridge STM1-2 IR CARD Newbridge
90490924Refurbished Newbridge STM1-2 ELEC UNI/NNI 3.1 Newbridge
90490924MRefurbished Newbridge STM1-2 ELECT Newbridge
90490924NRefurbished Newbridge STM1-2 ELECT Newbridge
90491801ARefurbished Newbridge SINGLE DS3/E3 SPARING PANEL FRAME Newbridge
9049190103Refurbished Newbridge DS3/E3 SWITCHING MAU Newbridge
9049190103BRefurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90495501Refurbished Newbridge 8XADSL CARD Newbridge
90503701Refurbished Newbridge CALLP CARD 2 R3.1 Newbridge
90503701BRefurbished Newbridge SERVICE 2 Newbridge
90503702Refurbished Newbridge DATA SPOOLING CARD 2 R3.1 Newbridge
90503702BRefurbished Newbridge SPOOLING CARD W/6MB RAM Newbridge
90503703Refurbished Newbridge PNNI ROUTING CARD 2 R3.1 Newbridge
9053702CRefurbished Newbridge SPOOLING CARD W/6MB RAM Newbridge
90589101Refurbished Newbridge 1.6G DUAL HUB 2/REL 3.1 Newbridge
9058910103HRefurbished Newbridge HUB CARD Newbridge
90589101BRefurbished Newbridge HUB CARD Newbridge
90589101HRefurbished Newbridge HUB CARD Newbridge
90589101KRefurbished Newbridge HUB CARD 90-5891-01/K Newbridge
90589101MRefurbished Newbridge HUB Newbridge
90589101PRefurbished Newbridge HUB CARD Newbridge
90589101RRefurbished Newbridge HUB CARD Newbridge
90589111Refurbished Newbridge 1.6G DUAL HUB 2/REL 3.1 Newbridge
90593501Refurbished Newbridge DS3-2 ATM UNI/NNI W/CPU-1 R3.1 Newbridge
90593501CRefurbished Newbridge TDS3-2 CARD Newbridge
90593501PRefurbished Newbridge TDS3-2 CARD Newbridge
90594701Refurbished Newbridge TE3 -2 CARD Newbridge
90595201OEM Newbridge Newbridge
90595201Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
90600301Refurbished Newbridge 19RACKMOUNT ADAPTER Newbridge
90608501Refurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD 2/R.3.1 Newbridge
9060850103R03Refurbished Newbridge STAND ALONE HUB Newbridge
90608501JRefurbished Newbridge HUB CARD Newbridge
90608501MRefurbished Newbridge HUB CARD Newbridge
90608501NRefurbished Newbridge HUB Newbridge
90608511Refurbished Newbridge S-HUB R4.2 Newbridge
90610513Refurbished Newbridge NEWBRIDGE 3624 FIRMWARE 3 CHIP SET. Newbridge
90610614Refurbished Newbridge NEWBRIGE 3624 FIRMWARE Newbridge
90619711GRefurbished Newbridge OC12-2IR R4-2 Newbridge
9061972103HRefurbished Newbridge OC12-2 IR R4-3 Newbridge
90620601Refurbished Newbridge ARIC CARD Newbridge
90621004OEM Newbridge NEWBRIDGE 28120 NETWORK INTERFACE UNIT E1 Newbridge
90622601KRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL 2 CARD Newbridge
90622621Refurbished Newbridge CONTROL-2 CARD Newbridge
90633901Refurbished Newbridge DSP 5 VOFR Newbridge
90635111Refurbished Newbridge OCTAL T1 CR-2 CARD W/CPU 2 100OHM Newbridge
90660201Refurbished Newbridge ETHERNET CARD Newbridge
90660301Refurbished Newbridge R00A Newbridge
9067010200FRefurbished Newbridge OC3C MODULE Newbridge
9067020200CRefurbished Newbridge OC12C MODULE Newbridge
90670402Refurbished Newbridge ATM/IP MULTI-RATE 8 OC3C/12C STM 1/4 Newbridge
9068280100BRefurbished Newbridge PROGRAMMABLE SERIAL INTERFACE Newbridge
90683201Refurbished Newbridge 24PORT ADSL CARD Newbridge
9068880100ARefurbished Newbridge PROGRAMMABLE SERIAL INTERFACE Newbridge
90700503Refurbished Newbridge DTE CABLE 3M/FEMALE V.35 Newbridge
90756902Refurbished Newbridge REV 03B Newbridge
90R003104Refurbished Newbridge 3600 X21 DCC ( 6 CIRCUIT) Newbridge
912009542Refurbished Newbridge I/O INTFC MEM PACK Newbridge
9162A1201Refurbished Newbridge HUB MODULE DISTR. BOX Newbridge
94001525OEM Newbridge Newbridge
94001525Refurbished Newbridge Newbridge
94015401Refurbished Newbridge 3600SE MAINSTREET T1 AC BASE SY Newbridge
94015502Refurbished Newbridge 3600SE MAINSTREET AC REDUND. KIT Newbridge
94015701Refurbished Newbridge 3600 SE MAINSTREET DATA KIT RS232 Newbridge
94035302OEM Newbridge 3612 UKI X21 AGG PACKAGE New Open Box Newbridge
9A056501Refurbished Newbridge DUAL 2.048MBPS E1 CARD Newbridge
9R003206Refurbished Newbridge V.35 CARD Newbridge
9R003501Refurbished Newbridge EXPANDER CARD Newbridge
9R004101Refurbished Newbridge DNIC CARD Newbridge
9R004303URefurbished Newbridge V.24 RS232 CARD Newbridge
9R00780403CRefurbished Newbridge W/36120 PACKET TRANSFER Newbridge
9R007903Refurbished Newbridge E & M CARD Newbridge
9R041102Refurbished Newbridge 3630 M/ST Newbridge
9R043409Refurbished Newbridge PWR SHELF 48V DC Newbridge
9R043504Refurbished Newbridge PWR SHELF 240V Newbridge
9R048104DRefurbished Newbridge POWER SUPPLY Newbridge
9R056501Refurbished Newbridge DUAL E1 2.048MBPS CARD Newbridge
9R056501NRefurbished Newbridge DUAL E1 CARD Newbridge
9R063901FRefurbished Newbridge SWITCHING INTERFACE CARD Newbridge
9R06670103HRefurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD (9R-0667-01-03/H) Newbridge
9R066701RRefurbished Newbridge W/90043401/J Newbridge
9R103801Refurbished Newbridge MEM MOD Newbridge
9R154822Refurbished Newbridge TAP SYSTEM Newbridge
9R157601Refurbished Newbridge MEM MOD GEN 1115.0 Newbridge
9R161001ERefurbished Newbridge MULTIPORT AGGREGATE CARD Newbridge
9R16380303PRefurbished Newbridge W/90043401/J Newbridge
9R163803PRefurbished Newbridge W/90043401/J Newbridge
9R16381103FRefurbished Newbridge W/90043401/J Newbridge
9R171201TRefurbished Newbridge ETHERNET CARD Newbridge
9R171603Refurbished Newbridge JPEG VIDEO CARD Newbridge
9R17160303OEM Newbridge NTSC/JPEG VIDEO Newbridge
9R17160303Refurbished Newbridge NTSC/JPEG VIDEO CARD Newbridge
9R17200203Refurbished Newbridge T1/TDMCCT EMULATION CD Newbridge
9R17230103OEM Newbridge POWER SUPPLY 48V Newbridge
9R172602Refurbished Newbridge CONTROL CARD Newbridge
9R18320103CRefurbished Newbridge W/90163701/03/C Newbridge
9R19900103OEM Newbridge OC-3 Newbridge
9R254421Refurbished Newbridge . Newbridge
9R318302Refurbished Newbridge DRX 1310 Newbridge
9R366903DRefurbished Newbridge 36XXX MAIN STREET 481 60 Newbridge
9R468902Refurbished Newbridge CONGO VOICE ROUTER ISDN ACC NEWBRIDGE Newbridge
A1AB17222Refurbished Newbridge BLACK BOX Newbridge
AA350CR200Refurbished Newbridge AVAILABLE Newbridge
ASP870100MC01Refurbished Newbridge ASP 870 SER 100 BASE FX-SC/RJ45 Newbridge
ASP87010MT01Refurbished Newbridge ASP 870 SER 10BASE T/FIBER ST MOD Newbridge
ASP870ENC01Refurbished Newbridge ASP 870 SERIES ENCLOSURE-NO PWR Newbridge
ATX50Refurbished Newbridge 7261 ATM 1 SLOT CHASSIS Newbridge
BISCR10012XRefurbished Newbridge AVAILABLE Newbridge
CA95C0925CNRefurbished Newbridge N/A REFURBS CONTROLLERS Newbridge
FACEPLATEKITRefurbished Newbridge INVENTORY PART Newbridge
FILLERCARD3600Refurbished Newbridge 7 1/4 X 9 1/4 FILLER CARDS FOR / CHASSIS Newbridge
GEORIME24Refurbished Newbridge GEORIM/E24 Newbridge
K35037Refurbished Newbridge 3600 COMPANDING CONVERSION MODULES Newbridge
NB90056401OEM Newbridge 97+ Newbridge
NB90056401Refurbished Newbridge 97+ Newbridge
NE0801730G52Refurbished Newbridge FUSE PANEL BOX 3 Newbridge
NEWBRIDGE3620Refurbished Newbridge NEWBRIDGE 3620 MAINSTREET UNIT Newbridge
NH22810Refurbished Newbridge P/N:20595201A Newbridge
NM2FE2WRefurbished Newbridge 2-PORT 10/100 ETHERNET 2 WIC SLOTS NETWORK M Newbridge
NTFN46GA02Refurbished Newbridge PASSPORT MAGELLAN V.35 FP Newbridge
NTFN46GA03Refurbished Newbridge PASSPORT MAGELLAN V.35 FP Newbridge
OC3CMMFRefurbished Newbridge OC-3C MMF Newbridge
PS51053Refurbished Newbridge PSU TRAY Newbridge
PS51054Refurbished Newbridge PSU TRAY Newbridge
Q0023Refurbished Newbridge AVAILABLE Newbridge
QUE20Refurbished Newbridge NEWBRIDGE CHAS Newbridge
RB717Refurbished Newbridge 16-14 TERMINAL RING Newbridge
SERIALPORTCARDRefurbished Newbridge CARD Newbridge
VIVIDRefurbished Newbridge ORANGE RIDGE Newbridge
VIVIDORANGERefurbished Newbridge 90-2931-21/G Newbridge
VIVIDORANGERIDGERefurbished Newbridge 90-2931-21/G Newbridge

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