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ALCATEL index of parts for sale. Page 7.

Brands Index
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62287700201Refurbished Alcatel ES66A2 RECEIVER Alcatel
6228815001Refurbished Alcatel FD-37E-2 Alcatel
6228846001Refurbished Alcatel FD-78R-1 Alcatel
6228858001Refurbished Alcatel DMCDE174AA / 23 MULDEM ADAPTER Alcatel
6228858001FRefurbished Alcatel JF05W179 Alcatel
6228858001ISS01Refurbished Alcatel DMX-3003N 23 MULDEM Alcatel
6228858001ISS1Refurbished Alcatel 23 MULDEM Alcatel
6228858001REVBRefurbished Alcatel DMX-3003 23 MULDEM Alcatel
6228858001REVCRefurbished Alcatel DMX-3003 23 MULDEM Alcatel
6228858001REVDRefurbished Alcatel DMX-3003 23 MULDEM Alcatel
6228859001Refurbished Alcatel 23 MULDEM Alcatel
6228862001Refurbished Alcatel ISS.01 ES18A1 PROT SWITCH(PSW) Alcatel
622886200100Refurbished Alcatel ES-18A-1-PROT-SWTCH(PSW) Alcatel
622886200101Refurbished Alcatel ES-18A-1-PROT SWITCH (PSW) Alcatel
6228862001FRefurbished Alcatel ES-18A-1-PROT-SWTCH(PSW) Alcatel
6228862001GRefurbished Alcatel ES-18A-1-PROT-SWTCH 75000000299 Alcatel
6228862001HRefurbished Alcatel ES-18A-1-PROT-SWTCH(PSW) 75000000299 Alcatel
6228862001JRefurbished Alcatel ES-18A-1 Alcatel
6228863001BRefurbished Alcatel EEC-M-S1664-2595 Alcatel
6228865001Refurbished Alcatel ES-27C-1 BUS TERM REV N Alcatel
622886500100Refurbished Alcatel ES-27C-1-BUS-TRM Alcatel
6228865001ARefurbished Alcatel ES_27C_1 TRM BUS TERM Alcatel
6228866002Refurbished Alcatel ES 30A DS1 Alcatel
622886600200Refurbished Alcatel ES-30A-DSI-INTFC Alcatel
6228866002FRefurbished Alcatel DSI INTERFACE Alcatel
6228866002HRefurbished Alcatel . Alcatel
6228866002RRefurbished Alcatel ES-30A-DSI-INTFC(DSI) Alcatel
6228866002URefurbished Alcatel SX0051 Alcatel
6228867002Refurbished Alcatel ES-33A-12-MULDEM(LMU) Alcatel
622886700200Refurbished Alcatel ES-33A-(LMU) Alcatel
622886700201Refurbished Alcatel ES-33A-12-MULDEM(LMU) Alcatel
6228867002ERefurbished Alcatel ES-33A-12-MULDEM(LMU) Alcatel
6228867002FRefurbished Alcatel ES-33A-12-MULDEM(LMU) Alcatel
6228867002GRefurbished Alcatel ES-33A-12-MULDEM(LMU) Alcatel
6228867002I1Refurbished Alcatel ISS.01 RDX-31/310 12 MULDEM Alcatel
6228867002PRefurbished Alcatel ES-33A-12-MULDEM Alcatel
6228867002RRefurbished Alcatel ES-33A-12-MULDEM Alcatel
6228867900101Refurbished Alcatel ES-66C-1-TSI(TSI) Alcatel
6228868001Refurbished Alcatel ES-34A-1-23-MULDEM(HMU) Alcatel
622886800101Refurbished Alcatel ES-34A-23-MULDEM(HMU) 75000000558 Alcatel
62288680011Refurbished Alcatel 23 MULDEM Alcatel
6228868001ABRefurbished Alcatel ES-34A-1-23-MULDEM(HMU) Alcatel
6228868001ACRefurbished Alcatel ES-34A-1-23-MULDEM(HMU) Alcatel
6228868001AERefurbished Alcatel ES-34A-1-23-MULDEM(HMU) Alcatel
6228868001AGRefurbished Alcatel ES-34A-1-23-MULDEM(HMU) Alcatel
6228868001CRefurbished Alcatel ES-34A-1-23-MULDEM Alcatel
6228868001DRefurbished Alcatel ES-34A-1-23-MULDEM Alcatel
6228868001ERefurbished Alcatel ES-34A-1-23-MULDEM Alcatel
6228868001GRefurbished Alcatel ES-34A-1-23-MULDEM Alcatel
6228868001HRefurbished Alcatel ES-34A-1-23-MULDEM(HMU) Alcatel
6228868001JRefurbished Alcatel ES-34A-1-23-MULDEM(HMU) Alcatel
6228868001KRefurbished Alcatel ES-34A-123-MULDEM Alcatel
6228868001URefurbished Alcatel ES-34A-1-23-MULDEM Alcatel
6228868001VRefurbished Alcatel ES-34A-1-23-MULDEM(HMU) Alcatel
6228868001YRefurbished Alcatel ES-34A-1-23-MULDEM(HMU) Alcatel
6228868002HRefurbished Alcatel ES-30A-INTFC(DSI) Alcatel
6228869002Refurbished Alcatel ISS.01 ES40A2 DS3 LBO Alcatel
6228869002CRefurbished Alcatel ES-48B-1-DS3-I/O-COND Alcatel
6228871001Refurbished Alcatel ES-40C-1 DS1 SW REV AB Alcatel
6228871001AARefurbished Alcatel DS1 SW Alcatel
6228871001ABRefurbished Alcatel CPX-7360909724-51 Alcatel
622887300100Refurbished Alcatel ES-60A-1-CLK-DIST-(CDU) Alcatel
6228873001PRefurbished Alcatel . Alcatel
6228874002Refurbished Alcatel ISS.01 MASTER CLOCK CRACKED CONNECTOR Alcatel
622887400201Refurbished Alcatel ES-60B-2 MASTER CLOCK Alcatel
6228874002ISS01Refurbished Alcatel 1631-SX MASTER CLOCK Alcatel
6228874002JRefurbished Alcatel ES-60B-2 MASTER CLOCK Alcatel
6228874002KRefurbished Alcatel ES-60B-2 MASTER CLOCK Alcatel
6228874002MRefurbished Alcatel ES-60B-2-MASTER-CLOCK Alcatel
6228877001Refurbished Alcatel ISS.M ES66A1 Alcatel
6228877001ISS03Refurbished Alcatel RDX-31 TSI RCVR Alcatel
6228877002Refurbished Alcatel RDX-31 TSI RCVR Alcatel
622887700201Refurbished Alcatel ES-66A-2-RECV(RCV) Alcatel
62288770021Refurbished Alcatel ES 66C 1 Alcatel
6228877002BRefurbished Alcatel ES66A2 RECEIVE Alcatel
6228877002ISS01Refurbished Alcatel RDX-31 TSI RCVR Alcatel
6228878001Refurbished Alcatel RDX-31 TSI TRMTR Alcatel
622887800103Refurbished Alcatel ES-66B-1-TRANSMIT Alcatel
6228878001ISS02Refurbished Alcatel RDX-31 TSI TRMTR Alcatel
6228878001ISS03Refurbished Alcatel RDX-31 TSI TRMTR Alcatel
6228878001WRefurbished Alcatel ES_66B_1 XMT TRANSMIT Alcatel
6228878002Refurbished Alcatel ISS.01 ES66A1 Alcatel
6228879001Refurbished Alcatel ES-66C-1-TSI - RDX-31 TSI Alcatel
622887900100Refurbished Alcatel ES-66C-1(TSI) Alcatel
622887900101Refurbished Alcatel ES-66C-1-TSI - RDX-31 TSI Alcatel
62288790011Refurbished Alcatel ES 66C 1 Alcatel
6228879001AARefurbished Alcatel ES-66C-1-TSI Alcatel
6228879001ABRefurbished Alcatel ES-66C-1(TSI) Alcatel
6228879001ACRefurbished Alcatel ES-66C-1-TSI - RDX-31 TSI Alcatel
6228879001ADRefurbished Alcatel ES-66C-1(TSI) Alcatel
6228879001BARefurbished Alcatel ES-66C-T-TSI Alcatel
6228879001IRefurbished Alcatel ES 66C 1 Alcatel
6228879001R01Refurbished Alcatel RDX-31 TSI Alcatel
6228879001URefurbished Alcatel ES-66C-1-TSI Alcatel
6228879001VRefurbished Alcatel ES-66C-1-TSI Alcatel
6228879001WRefurbished Alcatel ES-66C-1-TSI Alcatel
6228879001YRefurbished Alcatel ES-66C-1(TSI) Alcatel
6228881001Refurbished Alcatel REV 00 Alcatel
622888100100Refurbished Alcatel ES-67B-1 CNTR STG SWT Alcatel
622888180100Refurbished Alcatel ES-67B-1-CNTR-STAGE-SWTCH(SCS) Alcatel
6228887001RRefurbished Alcatel . Alcatel
6228915001Refurbished Alcatel DS3 23 MULDEM FD 37E-2 REV M M3MPCD01AB Alcatel
6228915001ISS01Refurbished Alcatel DML-3X50 DS3 23 MULDEM Alcatel
6228915001ISS02Refurbished Alcatel DML-3X50 DS3 23 MULDEM Alcatel
6228915001ISS2Refurbished Alcatel DML-3X50 DS3 23 MULDEM Alcatel
6228920002Refurbished Alcatel ES_16A_2 -48V INPUT Alcatel
6228920002FRefurbished Alcatel ES_16A_2 -48V INPUT Alcatel
6228920002HRefurbished Alcatel ES-16C-2-48V-INPT-PWR-SUP(PSF) Alcatel
6228920004Refurbished Alcatel ISS.02 ES16A4 48V INPUT(PSF) Alcatel
6228920004DRefurbished Alcatel ES-16A-4-48V-INPUT-PWR-SUP Alcatel
6228920004ISS02Refurbished Alcatel RDX-3X PWRSY -48VDC Alcatel
6228920004VRefurbished Alcatel ES-16A-4-48V-INPUT-PWR-SUP Alcatel
6228920804VRefurbished Alcatel ES_16A_4 -48V INPUT Alcatel
6228921001Refurbished Alcatel ES_16B_1 PST POWER SUPPLY Alcatel
62289210010Refurbished Alcatel ES_16B_1 PST Alcatel
6228935001Refurbished Alcatel ES-27E-1 COMM INTFC MODULE Alcatel
622893500101Refurbished Alcatel ES-27E-1-(CIM) Alcatel
6228935001FRefurbished Alcatel ES-27E-1-(CIM) Alcatel
6228935001ISS01Refurbished Alcatel RDX-31 COMM INTFC MOD Alcatel
6228935001LRefurbished Alcatel ES_27E_1 CIM COMMUNICATION INTFC Alcatel
6228935001MRefurbished Alcatel ES_27E_1 CIM COMMUNICATION INTFC Alcatel
6228935001NRefurbished Alcatel ES_27E_1 CIM COMM INTFC MODULE Alcatel
6228935001PRefurbished Alcatel ES-27E-1-CIM Alcatel
6228935002Refurbished Alcatel COMMUNICATION INTERFACE MODULE Alcatel
622893500201Refurbished Alcatel ES_27E_1 CIM COMM INTFC MODULE Alcatel
622893500202Refurbished Alcatel ES-27E-CIM Alcatel
62289350021Refurbished Alcatel ES27E Alcatel
62289350028Refurbished Alcatel . Alcatel
6228935002BRefurbished Alcatel ES-27E-CIM Alcatel
6228935002ISS01Refurbished Alcatel COMMON INTERFACE MOD Alcatel
6228935002MRefurbished Alcatel ES-33A-LMU Alcatel
6228935003ISS01Refurbished Alcatel DCS/EDX COMM INTFC Alcatel
6228936001Refurbished Alcatel ES_29A_1 LT1 LEVEL TRANSLATOR Alcatel
622893600100Refurbished Alcatel ES-29A-1-LT1 Alcatel
6228939001Refurbished Alcatel ES-29D-1-LT4-LVL-TRNSLTR Alcatel
6228941001CRefurbished Alcatel ES-37B-2-ADMN-PROC-UNIT Alcatel
6228941002Refurbished Alcatel ES-37B-2-ADMIN-PROC-UNIT(APU) Alcatel
622894100200Refurbished Alcatel ES-37B-2 (APU) Alcatel
6228941002ARefurbished Alcatel ES-37B-2-ADMN-PROC-UNIT Alcatel
6228941002JRefurbished Alcatel ES-37B-2-APU Alcatel
6228942001Refurbished Alcatel ALARM J1 BAUD RA Alcatel
6228942003Refurbished Alcatel TLM INTFC FD-48N-3 Alcatel
6228942003I02Refurbished Alcatel FD-48W-3 DML-3X50 TLM INTFC Alcatel
6228942003ISS02Refurbished Alcatel DML-3X50 TLM INTFC Alcatel
6228942004Refurbished Alcatel TLM INTERFACE Alcatel
6228942004I01Refurbished Alcatel DML-3X50 TLM INTFC Alcatel
6228942004REVARefurbished Alcatel DML-3X50 TLM INTFC Alcatel
6228942013Refurbished Alcatel TLM INTERFACE ISS.04 REV D M3CPLB81AE Alcatel
6228942013ISS01Refurbished Alcatel DML-3X50 TLM INTFC Alcatel
6228942013ISS03Refurbished Alcatel DML-3X50 TLM INTFC Alcatel
6228942013ISS04Refurbished Alcatel DML-3X50 TLM INTFC Alcatel
6228942014Refurbished Alcatel FD48W-14 TLM INTERFACE Alcatel
6228943001Refurbished Alcatel APC UNIT UD-18R Alcatel
6228946001Refurbished Alcatel MULDEM CONTROL FD-18L-2 Alcatel
6228946001I01Refurbished Alcatel DML-3X50 MULDEM CONTR FD-18L-2 REV J Alcatel
6228946001ISS01Refurbished Alcatel DML-3X50 MULDEM CONTR Alcatel
6228946001ISS1Refurbished Alcatel DML-3X50 MULDEM CONTR Alcatel
6228946001REVCRefurbished Alcatel DML-3X50 MULDEM CONTR Alcatel
6228946003Refurbished Alcatel FD-18L-3 Alcatel
6228955001Refurbished Alcatel TRANSCEIVER Alcatel
6228955002Refurbished Alcatel ISS.F ES30B2 TRANSCEIVER Alcatel
6228989001Refurbished Alcatel ES-30C-1 DS1 PROTECTION SWITCH Alcatel
6228991001Refurbished Alcatel DEMOD Alcatel
6228991002Refurbished Alcatel MDR-4006 MODLTR Alcatel
6228995001Refurbished Alcatel CALL FOR INFO Alcatel
6229013001Refurbished Alcatel AE-33G-1 SERVICE CHANNEL Alcatel
6229013002Refurbished Alcatel SERVICE CHANNEL/ISS H Alcatel
6229013002HRefurbished Alcatel SERVICE CHANNEL Alcatel
6229013003Refurbished Alcatel SERVICE CHANNEL/ISS B Alcatel
6229013003BRefurbished Alcatel SERVICE CHANNEL Alcatel
6229013005Refurbished Alcatel SERVICE CHANNEL AE-33G-5 Alcatel
6229014001Refurbished Alcatel RCV RADIO INTERFACE/ISS K Alcatel
6229014001KRefurbished Alcatel RCV RADIO INTERFACE Alcatel
6229014002Refurbished Alcatel DX-36E-2 RCV RADIO INTERFACE Alcatel
6229015001Refurbished Alcatel XMT RADIO INTERFACE/ISS M Alcatel
6229015001HRefurbished Alcatel RCV RADIO INTERFACE Alcatel
6229015001LRefurbished Alcatel XMT RADIO INTERFACE Alcatel
6229015001MRefurbished Alcatel XMT RADIO INTERFACE Alcatel
6229015002Refurbished Alcatel DX-35F-2 XMT RADIO INTERFACE Alcatel
6229015003Refurbished Alcatel DX-35F-3 RADIO INTERFACE UNIT Alcatel
6229032001Refurbished Alcatel POWER AMPLIFIER UD-51D-1 Alcatel
6229032003Refurbished Alcatel POWER AMPLIFIER UD-51D-3 Alcatel
6229032007Refurbished Alcatel UD-51D-7 POWER AMPLIFIER Alcatel
6229037001Refurbished Alcatel FD-24B-1 REGENERATOR 1550 NM Alcatel
6229039001Refurbished Alcatel FD 39B-1 REV.W Alcatel
6229039001MRefurbished Alcatel SVO6883 Alcatel
6229039001REVWRefurbished Alcatel LTS-1565 RCVR/DMXR Alcatel
6229040001REVAERefurbished Alcatel LTS-1565 REGENR Alcatel
6229047001Refurbished Alcatel LTS-1565 RSI TLM INTFC Alcatel
6229047001ISS01Refurbished Alcatel LTS-1565 RSI TLM INTFC Alcatel
6229047001ISS02Refurbished Alcatel LTS-1565 RSI TLM INTFC Alcatel
6229047001REVERefurbished Alcatel LTS-1565 RSI TLM INTFC Alcatel
6229060002Refurbished Alcatel UM-62W TX SOURCE MDR4000 Alcatel
6229062001Refurbished Alcatel POWER AMPLIFIER UD-51E-1 Alcatel
6229081001Refurbished Alcatel FD-48X-1 DS3 INTRFC/REVM Alcatel
6229081001I01Refurbished Alcatel ISS.M DML-3X50 DS3 INTFC 6229081001 Alcatel
6229081001ISS01Refurbished Alcatel DML-3X50 DS3 INTFC Alcatel
6229081002ISS01Refurbished Alcatel DML-3X50 DS3 TERM CD Alcatel
6229081004Refurbished Alcatel . Alcatel
6229091001ISS02Refurbished Alcatel AUTO PWR CON UN Alcatel
6229103001Refurbished Alcatel DX-18H-1 Alcatel
6229103002Refurbished Alcatel DX-18H-2 Alcatel
6229105002Refurbished Alcatel DX 18H-2 Alcatel
6229154001Refurbished Alcatel OUTPUT CONDITIONER UD-48K-1 Alcatel
6229154002Refurbished Alcatel UD-48K-2 OUTPUT CONDITIONER Alcatel
6229154003Refurbished Alcatel UD-48K-3 OUTPUT CONDITIONER Alcatel
6229154004Refurbished Alcatel OUTPUT CONDITIONER UD-48K-4 Alcatel
6229156001Refurbished Alcatel RECEIVE INTERFACE DX-36F-1 Alcatel
6229156002Refurbished Alcatel RECEIVE INTERFACE DX-36F-2 Alcatel
6229156003Refurbished Alcatel DX-36F-3 RECEIVE INTERFACE Alcatel
6229166002Refurbished Alcatel CE16AS_2 -48VDC REVU Alcatel
6229201001Refurbished Alcatel POWER SUPPLY CE-16AU Alcatel
6229201001HRefurbished Alcatel CE16AU Alcatel
6229201002Refurbished Alcatel POWER SUPPLY CE-16AU Alcatel
6229202001Refurbished Alcatel UM-61AN DWN. CONV. Alcatel
6229203001Refurbished Alcatel LOCAL OSCILLATOR UM-62X-1 Alcatel
6229203002Refurbished Alcatel LOCAL OSCILLATOR UM-62X-2 Alcatel
6229203007Refurbished Alcatel LOS FOR THE MDR-6706 LOWER 6 GHZ REV.R Alcatel
6229203008Refurbished Alcatel REV W LOCAL OSCILLATOR MISSING COVER Alcatel
6229203011BRefurbished Alcatel CALL FOR INFO Alcatel
6229223001OEM Alcatel CARD Alcatel
6229223001Refurbished Alcatel ISS.00 MATRIX TERM(STM)ES2761 Alcatel
622922300100Refurbished Alcatel ES-27G-1-MTRX-TERM-(STM) Alcatel
6229224001Refurbished Alcatel DX-18J-1 REV F Alcatel
6229224001RODRefurbished Alcatel DX18J-1 Alcatel
6229224001ROFRefurbished Alcatel DX-18J-1 Alcatel
6229224001ROGRefurbished Alcatel DX18J-1 Alcatel
6229224002Refurbished Alcatel MULDEM CONTROLLER DX-18J-2 Alcatel
6229224002ROHRefurbished Alcatel DX18J-2 Alcatel
6229224002ROLRefurbished Alcatel DX18J-2 Alcatel
6229224002ROYRefurbished Alcatel DX18J-2 Alcatel
6229224003Refurbished Alcatel DX18J-3 REV A Alcatel
6229224003ROARefurbished Alcatel DX18J-3 Alcatel
6229280001REVGRefurbished Alcatel LTS-21130 CHAN MOD Alcatel
6229280002Refurbished Alcatel LTS-1565D CHAN MON Alcatel
6229290001REVCRefurbished Alcatel LTS-1565/21130 DR SW Alcatel
6229375001PRefurbished Alcatel ES-37E-1-IPU Alcatel
6229401001Refurbished Alcatel DSO SWITCH ES-66D-1 Alcatel
6229457002Refurbished Alcatel UD-35S MOD Alcatel
6229457003Refurbished Alcatel MODULATOR Alcatel
6229458001Refurbished Alcatel UD-36N DEMOD Alcatel
6229462004Refurbished Alcatel ES-33B-12-MULDEM(LMU) Alcatel
6229466001Refurbished Alcatel RECEIVING SOURCE 6.7GHZ Alcatel
6229466002Refurbished Alcatel SOURCE ASSY UM-62Y Alcatel
6229478001Refurbished Alcatel ROC-12 DS3 SWITCH Alcatel
622947800103RRefurbished Alcatel DSS101 DS3 SWITCH Alcatel
622947800104Refurbished Alcatel DSS101 DS3 SWITCH Alcatel
6229478001ISS04Refurbished Alcatel 1624-SM DS3 SW Alcatel
6229478001RRefurbished Alcatel DSS101 DS3 SWITCH Alcatel
6229478001REVURefurbished Alcatel DSS101 DS3 SWITCH Alcatel
6229479002Refurbished Alcatel RS-48D-2-DS3-INTFC Alcatel
6229479002REVLRefurbished Alcatel DSM102 DS3 INTFC Alcatel
6229491001Refurbished Alcatel RDX-31 DS1 INTFC MOD Alcatel
6229491002Refurbished Alcatel ES-30D-DSI-INTFC(DSI) Alcatel
6229491002ARefurbished Alcatel ES_30D_( ) DSI DS1 INTERFACE Alcatel
6229491002BRefurbished Alcatel ES_30D_( ) DSI DS1 INTERFACE Alcatel
6229491003Refurbished Alcatel ES30D DS1 INTERFACE Alcatel
6229491003ARefurbished Alcatel ES_30D_( ) DSI DS1 INTERFACE Alcatel
6229491003ISS01Refurbished Alcatel RDX-31 DS1 MULDEM MOD Alcatel
6229491004Refurbished Alcatel ES30D DSI DS1 INTERFACE Alcatel
6229491004ARefurbished Alcatel ES-30D-( ) (DSI) Alcatel
6229492002Refurbished Alcatel ES-33B-12-MULDEM(LMU) Alcatel
6229492002BRefurbished Alcatel ES_33B_( )LMU 12 MULDEM Alcatel
6229492002DRefurbished Alcatel ES_33B_( )LMU 12 MULDEM Alcatel
6229492002ERefurbished Alcatel ES-33B-12-MULDEM(LMU) Alcatel
6229492003Refurbished Alcatel ES-33B-3-12-MULDEM Alcatel
622949200301Refurbished Alcatel 12 MULDEM Alcatel
6229492003ARefurbished Alcatel ES-33B-12-MULDEM(LMU) Alcatel
6229492003ERefurbished Alcatel ES-33B-12-MULDEM Alcatel
6229492003ISS01Refurbished Alcatel 1631-SX MXR/DMXR Alcatel
6229492004Refurbished Alcatel ES-33B- 12 MULDEM (LMU) Alcatel
622949200401Refurbished Alcatel ES-33B-12-MULDEM(LMU) Alcatel
62294920041Refurbished Alcatel 12 MULDEM Alcatel
6229492004ARefurbished Alcatel ES-33B-12-MULDEM(LMU) Alcatel
6229492004BRefurbished Alcatel ES-33B-12-MULDEM(LMU) Alcatel
6229492004CRefurbished Alcatel ES-33B-12-MULDEM(LMU) Alcatel
6229492009ARefurbished Alcatel ES-33B-12-MULDEM Alcatel
6229593001Refurbished Alcatel ES-48B-1 Alcatel
622959300100Refurbished Alcatel ES-48B-1-DS3-I/O-COND*IOC) 75000000116 Alcatel
6229593001CRefurbished Alcatel ES-48B-1-DS3-I/O-COND(IOC) Alcatel
6229593001DRefurbished Alcatel ES-48B-1-DS3-I/O-COND(IOC) Alcatel
6229593001FRefurbished Alcatel ES-48B-1-DS3-I/O-COND(IOC) Alcatel
6229593001HRefurbished Alcatel ES-48B-1-DS3-I/O-COND(IOC) Alcatel
6229593001JRefurbished Alcatel ES-48B-1-DS3-I/O-COND(IOC) Alcatel
6229593001KRefurbished Alcatel ES-48B-1-DS3-I/O-COND(IOC) Alcatel
622959300FRefurbished Alcatel ES-48B-1-DS3I/O COND (IOC) Alcatel
6229606001Refurbished Alcatel FD18AE SWITCH CONTROL Alcatel
6229606001ISS01Refurbished Alcatel LTS-1565/21130 SW CONT Alcatel
6229606002Refurbished Alcatel FD-18AE SWITCH CONTROL Alcatel
6229606003ISS02Refurbished Alcatel LTS-1565/21130 SW CONT Alcatel
6229608001Refurbished Alcatel RS-21M-1 O/W Alcatel
622960800101Refurbished Alcatel ORDER WIRE Alcatel
6229608001CRefurbished Alcatel RS-21M-1 ORDERWIRE Alcatel
6229608001ISS01OEM Alcatel ROC-3/24 ORDERWIRE Alcatel
6229608001ISS01Refurbished Alcatel ROC-3/24 ORDERWIRE Alcatel
6229608001ISS1Refurbished Alcatel ROC-3/24 ORDERWIRE Alcatel
6229608002ISS1Refurbished Alcatel ORDERWIRE CARD Alcatel
6229608003ISS1Refurbished Alcatel ORDERWIRE CARD Alcatel
6229610001Refurbished Alcatel TEL201-SERIAL-TELEN Alcatel
622961100100Refurbished Alcatel TEL101 Alcatel
622961100106Refurbished Alcatel PAR AIM INT Alcatel
6229611001GRefurbished Alcatel TEL101 Alcatel
622961200101Refurbished Alcatel . Alcatel
6229619001Refurbished Alcatel RDX-33 MA CLK MOD Alcatel
622961900100Refurbished Alcatel ES-60E-1-MSTR-CLK-(CMU) Alcatel
622963000300Refurbished Alcatel ES-30E-TRNSCVR(XCV) Alcatel
6229630003DRefurbished Alcatel ES-30E-TRNSCVR(XCV) Alcatel
6229662001Refurbished Alcatel MODULATOR UD-35T-1 Alcatel
6229662006Refurbished Alcatel MODULATOR Alcatel
6229662007Refurbished Alcatel MODULATOR UD-35T-7 Alcatel
6229662008Refurbished Alcatel MODULATOR UD-35T-8 Alcatel
622967001PRefurbished Alcatel ES-37E-1-IPU Alcatel
6229675001Refurbished Alcatel ES-37E-1-IPU - 1631-SX I/F PROCR UN Alcatel
622967500100Refurbished Alcatel ES-37E-1-IPU Alcatel
622967500101Refurbished Alcatel ES-33E-1-IPU Alcatel
62296750012Refurbished Alcatel ES-37E-1-IPU Alcatel
6229675001ARefurbished Alcatel ES-37E-1-IPU Alcatel
6229675001CRefurbished Alcatel ES-37E-1-IPU Alcatel
6229675001KRefurbished Alcatel ES-37E-1-IPU Alcatel
6229675001LRefurbished Alcatel ES-37E-1-IPU Alcatel
6229675001NRefurbished Alcatel ES-37E-1-IPU Alcatel
6229675001PRefurbished Alcatel ES-37E-1-IPU Alcatel
6229675001RRefurbished Alcatel ES-37E-1-IPU Alcatel
6229675001TRefurbished Alcatel ES-37E-1-IPU Alcatel
6229675001URefurbished Alcatel ES-37E-1-IPU Alcatel
6229675002Refurbished Alcatel IPU ES-37E Alcatel
622967500200Refurbished Alcatel ES-37E-2-IPU Alcatel
622967500201OEM Alcatel . Alcatel
622967500201Refurbished Alcatel ES-37E-2-IPU Alcatel
6229675002ERefurbished Alcatel ES-37E-2-IPU Alcatel
6229675002FRefurbished Alcatel ES-37E-2-IPU Alcatel
6229675002GRefurbished Alcatel ES-37E-2-IPU Alcatel
6229675002HRefurbished Alcatel ES-37E-2-IPU Alcatel
6229675002ISS01Refurbished Alcatel 1631-SX INTFC PROCR UN Alcatel
6229675002JRefurbished Alcatel ES-37E-IPU Alcatel
6229675002KRefurbished Alcatel ES-37E-2-IPU Alcatel
6229675002LRefurbished Alcatel ES_37E_2 IPU Alcatel
6229675002MRefurbished Alcatel ES-37E-IPU Alcatel
6229675003Refurbished Alcatel IPU HIGH PERFORMANCE CARD Alcatel
622967500301Refurbished Alcatel 1631-SX I/F PROCR UN Alcatel
62296750031Refurbished Alcatel ES37E Alcatel
6229675003I1Refurbished Alcatel 1631-SX I/F PROCR UN Alcatel
6229675003ISS1Refurbished Alcatel 1631 SX INTFC PROCR UN Alcatel
622967502FRefurbished Alcatel ES-37E-2-IPU Alcatel
622967502GRefurbished Alcatel ES-37E-2-IPU Alcatel
6229680001Refurbished Alcatel TRANSCEIVER Alcatel
6229680003Refurbished Alcatel ES-30E-TRNSCVR(XCV) Alcatel
622968000300Refurbished Alcatel ES-30E-TRNSCVR-(XCV) Alcatel
6229680003BRefurbished Alcatel ES-30E-TRNSCVR(XCV) Alcatel
6229680003B01Refurbished Alcatel CALL FOR INFO Alcatel
6229680003CRefurbished Alcatel ES-30E-TRNSCVR(XCV) Alcatel
6229680003DRefurbished Alcatel ES30E TRANSCEIVER Alcatel
6229680003FRefurbished Alcatel ES-30E-TRANSCEIVER Alcatel
6229680003I1OEM Alcatel REV B ES_30_E XCX - 1631-SX TRANSCEIVER Alcatel
6229680003I1Refurbished Alcatel ES-30E-TRNSCVR (XCV) 1631-SX TRANSCEIVER Alcatel
6229680003ISS01Refurbished Alcatel 1631-SX TRANSCEIVER Alcatel
62296800300Refurbished Alcatel ES-30E-TRNSCVR(XCV) Alcatel
622968003BRefurbished Alcatel ES-30E-TRNSCVR(XCV) Alcatel
622968003CRefurbished Alcatel ES-30E-TRNSCVR(XCV) Alcatel
622968003DRefurbished Alcatel ES-30E-TRNSCVR(XCV) Alcatel
6229692004BRefurbished Alcatel ES-33B-12-MULDEM Alcatel
6229734001Refurbished Alcatel DST-2000/4000 RCV SW Alcatel
6229734001DRefurbished Alcatel RECEIVE SWITCH CONTROL Alcatel
6229743001Refurbished Alcatel DX-35H-1TRANSMIT INTERFACE Alcatel
6229743002Refurbished Alcatel TRANSMIT INTERFACE DX-35H-2 Alcatel
6229743003Refurbished Alcatel TRANSMIT INTERFACE DX-35H-3 Alcatel
6229743005Refurbished Alcatel DX-35H-5 TRANSMIT INTERFACE Alcatel
6229743006Refurbished Alcatel DX-35H-6 TRANSMIT INTERFACE Alcatel
6229743007Refurbished Alcatel DX-35H-7 TRANSMIT INTERFACE Alcatel
6229743008Refurbished Alcatel TRANSMIT INTERFACE DX-35H-8 Alcatel
6229748001Refurbished Alcatel DEMODULATOR UD-36P-1 Alcatel
6229748004Refurbished Alcatel DEMODULATOR UD-36P-4 Alcatel
6229748004LRefurbished Alcatel CALL FOR INFO Alcatel
6229769001Refurbished Alcatel LTS-21130R RCV PROT SW Alcatel
6229770001Refurbished Alcatel LTS-21130R TRMT PROT Alcatel
6229771001Refurbished Alcatel LTS-21130R DS3 CONTR Alcatel
6229772001Refurbished Alcatel MODULE Alcatel
6229772002ISS01Refurbished Alcatel LTS-21130R 2.2MB INTFC Alcatel
6229778001Refurbished Alcatel ISS.00 OPTICAL XMTR RS-32A-1 Alcatel
6229778003Refurbished Alcatel OCT103-OPT-XMTR Alcatel
6229778013Refurbished Alcatel RS-32A-3-OPT-XMTR Alcatel
6229779002ISS01Refurbished Alcatel 1624-SM OPT RCVR Alcatel
6229779012ISS02Refurbished Alcatel 1624-SM OPT RCVR Alcatel
6229780001Refurbished Alcatel REV.02 DMX101 Alcatel
6229784001Refurbished Alcatel REVD MAINT SHELF SWITCH 65KB 622-9784-001-RD REBOXED Alcatel
6229831001Refurbished Alcatel REV A AIS GENERATOR (FD-61C-1) FHPQA1E1AA Alcatel
6229832001Refurbished Alcatel LTS-21130R TLM INTFC Alcatel
6229832001ISS02Refurbished Alcatel LTS-21130R TLM INTFC Alcatel
6229833001Refurbished Alcatel LASER TX Alcatel
6229833001ISS02Refurbished Alcatel LTS-21130R SYS MON Alcatel
6229834001Refurbished Alcatel LTS-21130R CHAN MON Alcatel
6229834001ISS02Refurbished Alcatel LTS-21130R CHAN MON Alcatel
6229835001Refurbished Alcatel LTS-21130R DS3 IP CONT Alcatel
6229836001Refurbished Alcatel FD-48AE DS-3 OUTPUT CONDITIONER Alcatel
6229837001Refurbished Alcatel LTS-21130R DS3 PROVNG Alcatel
622984100200Refurbished Alcatel ES-37B-2 (APU) Alcatel
6229861001Refurbished Alcatel ES/27H-1 SERIAL I/O Alcatel
622986100100Refurbished Alcatel ES-27H-1-SERIAL-I/O(SIO) Alcatel
62298610016Refurbished Alcatel ES_27H_1 SIO Alcatel
6229861001BRefurbished Alcatel ES_27H_1 PSF POWER SUPPLY Alcatel
6229861001DRefurbished Alcatel ES_27H_1 PSF POWER SUPPLY Alcatel
6229861001FRefurbished Alcatel ES-27H-1-SERIAL-I/O-(S10) Alcatel
6229861001KRefurbished Alcatel ES-27H-SERIAL-I/O(SIO) Alcatel
6229862001Refurbished Alcatel ES_27J_1 TERMINATION CARD Alcatel
62298620010Refurbished Alcatel ES_27J_( ) SBT SYSTEM BUS TERMINATION Alcatel
622986200100Refurbished Alcatel ES_27J ( ) SBT Alcatel
6229862001CRefurbished Alcatel ES_27J_( ) SBT SYSTEM BUS TERMINATION Alcatel
6229862001DRefurbished Alcatel ES-27J-1-SYS-BDS-TRMNTN(SBT) Alcatel
6229862001ORefurbished Alcatel ES_27J_( ) SBT SYSTEM BUS TERMINATION Alcatel
622986300100Refurbished Alcatel ES-27J-(SBT) Alcatel
6229863002Refurbished Alcatel ISS.H Alcatel
622986300202Refurbished Alcatel ES-37F-2-CPU Alcatel
6229863002BRefurbished Alcatel ES-37F-2-CPU Alcatel
6229863002FRefurbished Alcatel ES-37F-2-CPU Alcatel
6229863002HRefurbished Alcatel ES-37F-2-CPU Alcatel
6229863002LRefurbished Alcatel ES-37F-2-CPU Alcatel
6229891001Refurbished Alcatel LTS-21130R CHAN MON Alcatel
6229907002Refurbished Alcatel LTS-21130R DS3/LBO MON Alcatel
6229936001Refurbished Alcatel DMX-2003 AB12 MULDEM Alcatel
6229940001Refurbished Alcatel AE-21N BRIDGE TERM Alcatel
6229941001Refurbished Alcatel AE-33H-1 SYSTEM SUPPORT Alcatel
6229941002Refurbished Alcatel SYSTEM SUPPORT AE33H-2 Alcatel
6229941003Refurbished Alcatel SYSTEM SUPPORT Alcatel
6229941004Refurbished Alcatel AE-33H-4 SYSTEM SUPPORT Alcatel
6229941011Refurbished Alcatel SYSTEM SUPPORT Alcatel
6229979001Refurbished Alcatel FD-37G-1 E12 MULDEM Alcatel
6229979001ERefurbished Alcatel SNGLWALL-BRD-TEST Alcatel
6229980001Refurbished Alcatel LTS-21130R CHAN MON Alcatel
6229980001ISS02Refurbished Alcatel LTS-21130R CHAN MON Alcatel
6229981002Refurbished Alcatel PA 11.2 TO 11.7GHZ 27DBM Alcatel
6229981003Refurbished Alcatel PA 10.7 TO 11.2GHZ 28DBM Alcatel
6229981004Refurbished Alcatel PA 11.2-11.7GHZ 28DBM UD-51K-4 Alcatel
6229981005Refurbished Alcatel PA 7-8.5GHZ 27DBM Alcatel
623004000002Refurbished Alcatel DECODER Alcatel
623006000002Refurbished Alcatel ENCODER Alcatel
623006005003Refurbished Alcatel ENCODER Alcatel
623007000001Refurbished Alcatel D2 TX LOGIC Alcatel
623007000002Refurbished Alcatel D2 TX LOGIC Alcatel
623008000001Refurbished Alcatel RECEIVE LOGIC Alcatel
623008000002Refurbished Alcatel UN REC LGC Alcatel
623009005003Refurbished Alcatel DECODER Alcatel
623010000001Refurbished Alcatel POWER SUPPLY T324 Alcatel
623030000002Refurbished Alcatel 4W 2D Alcatel
623041000002Refurbished Alcatel T324 ALM CH UN TRMT Alcatel
623041025002Refurbished Alcatel B O COMPONENT ASSEMBLY Alcatel
623042005001Refurbished Alcatel RX ALRM Alcatel
623042025001Refurbished Alcatel RX ALRM Alcatel
623042025002Refurbished Alcatel COMPONENT ASSEMBLY Alcatel
623107000002Refurbished Alcatel D3 TX LOGIC Alcatel
623107000005Refurbished Alcatel TRANSMIT LOGIC ISSUE M Alcatel
623107000009Refurbished Alcatel D3 TX LOGIC Alcatel
623107000012Refurbished Alcatel D3 TX LOGIC Alcatel
623108000002Refurbished Alcatel D3 TRANSMITTER LOGIC Alcatel
623110000001Refurbished Alcatel UN PS/ALM Alcatel
623110000002Refurbished Alcatel POWER SUPPLY AND ALARM Alcatel
623110000004Refurbished Alcatel POWER SUPPLY AND ALRM ISS R Alcatel
623111005001Refurbished Alcatel SUBSCRIBER LOOP VERIFICATION Alcatel
623115000001Refurbished Alcatel CENTRAL OFFICE LOOP VERIFICATION Alcatel
623130000001Refurbished Alcatel PVT LN CO 1B Alcatel
623130000002Refurbished Alcatel CO PVT LN CH UN Alcatel
623131000001Refurbished Alcatel PRIVATE LINE SUBSCRIBER CHANNEL Alcatel
623131005002Refurbished Alcatel PVT LN SUB Alcatel
623132000004Refurbished Alcatel 2 PARTY DU CD CHAN Alcatel
623134000003Refurbished Alcatel BRIDGED FREQUENCY STAT Alcatel
623134000004Refurbished Alcatel BRIDGED FREQUENCY STATI REV J Alcatel
623134000004R0JRefurbished Alcatel BRIDGED FREQUENCY STATI Alcatel
623135000001Refurbished Alcatel BRIDGED FREQUENCY STATION SUB ISS K Alcatel
623135000002Refurbished Alcatel BFSS ANI 002 REV J K Alcatel
623150000002Refurbished Alcatel PRE PAY Alcatel
623208000002Refurbished Alcatel RECEIVE LOGIC ISSUE C Alcatel
62330000004Refurbished Alcatel 4W EM Alcatel
623321000001Refurbished Alcatel POWER SUPPLY Alcatel
623328000001Refurbished Alcatel 4W CHANNEL UNIT 623328-000-001 Alcatel
623328000003Refurbished Alcatel 4WTO Alcatel
623329000002Refurbished Alcatel PLR ISS J C Alcatel
623329000003Refurbished Alcatel 4W EM PLR Alcatel
623329005001Refurbished Alcatel EM PLR Alcatel
623330000001Refurbished Alcatel D3CET141AA UN 4W E&M CHAN Alcatel
623330000004Refurbished Alcatel 4W EM Alcatel
623331000001Refurbished Alcatel 2W EM Alcatel
623331000009Refurbished Alcatel D4-RCVG-UN Alcatel
623331000010Refurbished Alcatel 2WEXM Alcatel
623332000003Refurbished Alcatel D4-SYNDES UN Alcatel
623332000005Refurbished Alcatel 2 WIRE DIAL PULSE ORIGINATING Alcatel
623333000004Refurbished Alcatel 2 WIRE DIAL PULSE TERMINATING Alcatel
623333000005Refurbished Alcatel CARD Alcatel
623333005002Refurbished Alcatel EM PLR Alcatel
623334000003Refurbished Alcatel FXO Alcatel
623334000006Refurbished Alcatel UN 2W FX OFF END Alcatel
623335000004Refurbished Alcatel INT ACC Alcatel
623337000005Refurbished Alcatel 4W FXO Alcatel
623338000002Refurbished Alcatel UN 4W FX SUB END Alcatel
623346000001Refurbished Alcatel 4W ET ISSB Alcatel
623346000001ISSBRefurbished Alcatel 4W ET Alcatel
623346000002Refurbished Alcatel 4 WIRE EQUALIZED TRANSMISSION ISSG Alcatel
623346000002ISSGRefurbished Alcatel 4 WIRE EQUALIZED TRANSMISSION Alcatel
623348000004Refurbished Alcatel T324 4W TDM CHAN UN ISSD Alcatel
623348000004ISSDRefurbished Alcatel T324 4W TDM CHAN UN Alcatel
623348000004ISSGRefurbished Alcatel T324 4W TDM CHAN UN Alcatel
623356000002Refurbished Alcatel 4W EM EXT VF Alcatel
623371000001Refurbished Alcatel TEST & ALIGNMENT Alcatel
623512000002Refurbished Alcatel PA 021A Alcatel
623515000001Refurbished Alcatel CFA REG Alcatel
623516000001Refurbished Alcatel SYNC UNIT Alcatel
623629000002Refurbished Alcatel 4W EM PLR Alcatel
623E11Refurbished Alcatel TRANSMIT LOGIC ISSUE M Alcatel
624062Refurbished Alcatel UNIT FUSE/ALM Alcatel
6248008Refurbished Alcatel 48V DC 18WATT (28-56V) FAN Alcatel
625052000001Refurbished Alcatel FAN101 HI-VOL FAN PNL Alcatel
625052000002Refurbished Alcatel FAN UNIT Alcatel
625052000004Refurbished Alcatel FAN UNIT Alcatel
625052000006Refurbished Alcatel FAN UNIT Alcatel
625052000008Refurbished Alcatel FAN UNIT Alcatel
625115000001Refurbished Alcatel FTR-101 OPT TRCVR MOD Alcatel
625115000004Refurbished Alcatel FTR104 FBR OPT TRCVR Alcatel
625115000005Refurbished Alcatel FTR105 FBR OPT TRCVR Alcatel
625115E11Refurbished Alcatel CALL FOR INFO Alcatel
625116000001Refurbished Alcatel FMX101 Alcatel
625119000001Refurbished Alcatel FDM101 Alcatel
625120000004Refurbished Alcatel . Alcatel
625120000014Refurbished Alcatel ALC114 ALM CONTR Alcatel
625120000021Refurbished Alcatel ALC121 ALM CONTR Alcatel
625121000001Refurbished Alcatel LSIF101 LOW SPEED INTERFACE Alcatel
625121000005Refurbished Alcatel LSIF105 LO SP IF DS3 Alcatel
625123000003Refurbished Alcatel SMI103 MAINT INTFC Alcatel
625124000001Refurbished Alcatel PSE101 PROT SW Alcatel
625124000001DRefurbished Alcatel PSE101 Alcatel
625124000001ERefurbished Alcatel . Alcatel
62512E11Refurbished Alcatel CALL FOR INFO Alcatel
625203000001Refurbished Alcatel ISS.D LCX-50 DL NET CONTR Alcatel
625203E11Refurbished Alcatel ISS.D Alcatel
625206000002Refurbished Alcatel DST102 TRCVR BD Alcatel
625210000001Refurbished Alcatel STT101 TRCVR Alcatel
62521100000Refurbished Alcatel CLK103 Alcatel
625211000001Refurbished Alcatel CLK101 CCLG Alcatel
625211000003Refurbished Alcatel CLK103 CLK MOD Alcatel
625211E11Refurbished Alcatel CALL FOR INFO Alcatel
625212000001Refurbished Alcatel COA101 CRFT/OW/ALM MOD Alcatel
625212000003Refurbished Alcatel C0A103 CCLC Alcatel
625212000004Refurbished Alcatel REV.D C0A104 CCLD Alcatel
625212005001Refurbished Alcatel COA 103 Alcatel
625212E11Refurbished Alcatel REV.D C0A104 CCLD Alcatel
625214000004Refurbished Alcatel . Alcatel
625214000008Refurbished Alcatel REV.B FIBER OPTICS RCVR Alcatel
625214000011Refurbished Alcatel FTM111 FBR OPT TRCVR Alcatel
625214E11Refurbished Alcatel REV.B Alcatel
625215000002Refurbished Alcatel TSM102 Alcatel
625215000003RD1Refurbished Alcatel TSM103 TIME-SLOT MUX Alcatel
625216E11Refurbished Alcatel CALL FOR INFO Alcatel
625217000001Refurbished Alcatel SNC126 CCLA SGL NTWK CONTR Alcatel
625217000026Refurbished Alcatel SNC126 SGL NTWK CONTR Alcatel
625217005001DRefurbished Alcatel . Alcatel
625225000001Refurbished Alcatel DST201 ASYNC TRCVR BD Alcatel
625230000001Refurbished Alcatel SNC320 CCLA Alcatel
625230000014Refurbished Alcatel SNC314CCLB SNC314 SGL NTWK CONTR Alcatel
625230000015Refurbished Alcatel SNC315 SGL NTWK CONTR SNC301625230000001 Alcatel
625230000015CRefurbished Alcatel SNC315 SGL NTWK CONTR Alcatel
625230005001Refurbished Alcatel CALL FOR INFO Alcatel
62523E11Refurbished Alcatel SNC320 CCLA Alcatel
625303000003Refurbished Alcatel LCX-50 LN SHLF PROCR Alcatel
625303005001DRefurbished Alcatel LSP-105-CCL Alcatel
625303E11Refurbished Alcatel CALL FOR INFO Alcatel
625309000002Refurbished Alcatel ACU102 ALARM CONTROL UNIT Alcatel
625309000002JRefurbished Alcatel ACU102 ALARM CONTROL UNIT Alcatel
625600000001Refurbished Alcatel 1603 12 SHELF ASSEMBLY CCL-D2 Alcatel
625603000001Refurbished Alcatel '1603/1612 CLK201' Alcatel
625603000003Refurbished Alcatel CLK203 CLK P/I UN Alcatel
625603005001Refurbished Alcatel ISS.B3 Alcatel
625603E11Refurbished Alcatel CALL FOR INFO Alcatel
625606000001Refurbished Alcatel HIF101-CCL-E15 3AL02228AA SNIUAA01AA ?? Alcatel
625606000001E5Refurbished Alcatel HIF-101-CCL(OC3) Alcatel
625606000001ESRefurbished Alcatel HIF-101-CCL(OC3) Alcatel
625606000002C2Refurbished Alcatel HIF-102-CCL(OC3) Alcatel
625606000002C5Refurbished Alcatel HIF-101-CCL(OC3) Alcatel
625606000003Refurbished Alcatel 'HIF103' Alcatel
625606000003BRefurbished Alcatel HIF-103-CC(OC3) Alcatel
625606000003CRefurbished Alcatel HIF-103-CCL(OC3) Alcatel
625606000003DRefurbished Alcatel HIF-103-CCL(OC3) Alcatel
625606000004Refurbished Alcatel ISS.D 1603/12 SM OC-3 I/F Alcatel
625606000004BRefurbished Alcatel HIF-104-CCL(OC3) Alcatel
625606000004CRefurbished Alcatel HIF-104-CCL(OC3) Alcatel
625606000004DRefurbished Alcatel HIF-104-CCL(OC3) Alcatel
62560600000AE2Refurbished Alcatel HIF-101-CCL(OC3) Alcatel
62560600000E5Refurbished Alcatel HIF-101-CCL(OC3) Alcatel
62560600000ESRefurbished Alcatel HIF-101-CCL(OC3) Alcatel
625606000E3Refurbished Alcatel HIF-501-CCL(OC3) Alcatel
625606E11Refurbished Alcatel ISS.D WITH TAG Alcatel
625611000002Refurbished Alcatel DMI 102 Alcatel
625611000002A1Refurbished Alcatel DMI-102-CCL Alcatel
625611000002BRefurbished Alcatel DMI-102-CCL Alcatel
625611000002CRefurbished Alcatel DMI-102-CCL Alcatel
625611000002DRefurbished Alcatel DM-102-CCL Alcatel
625611000002ERefurbished Alcatel . Alcatel
625611005E11Refurbished Alcatel WITH TAG Alcatel
625611E11Refurbished Alcatel DMI 102 CCL B SNC1FKJ6AA Alcatel
625612000001Refurbished Alcatel ISS.C VTG101 DS1 ASYNC P/I Alcatel
62561200000101Refurbished Alcatel TEST UNIT Alcatel
625612000001CRefurbished Alcatel VTG-101-CCL(DSI) Alcatel
625612000001NCRefurbished Alcatel VTG-101-CCL(DSI) Alcatel
625612005001A3Refurbished Alcatel VTG-101-CCL(DS1) Alcatel
625612005002Refurbished Alcatel . Alcatel
625612005002A3Refurbished Alcatel VTG-101-CCL(DS1) Alcatel
625612005002CRefurbished Alcatel VTG-101-CCL(DS1) Alcatel
625612005E11Refurbished Alcatel CALL FOR INFO Alcatel
625612E11Refurbished Alcatel CALL FOR INFO Alcatel
625614000001Refurbished Alcatel ISS.3B LDR201 STS-1 LN DRVR Alcatel
625614E11Refurbished Alcatel ISS.3B LDR201 STS1 Alcatel
625615000001A6Refurbished Alcatel LDR-301-CCL(DS3) Alcatel
625617000001Refurbished Alcatel VSCC101 VT/STS-S X-CON Alcatel
625617000001CRefurbished Alcatel VSCC-101-CCL-B Alcatel
625617E11Refurbished Alcatel ISS.B Alcatel
625618000003BRefurbished Alcatel VSCC-203-CCLB Alcatel
625618000004Refurbished Alcatel VSCC204 VT/STS-1 X-CON Alcatel
625622000001Refurbished Alcatel LIF201 IN/OUT INTFC Alcatel
625622000001B5Refurbished Alcatel LIF-201-CCL(STS1) Alcatel
625622E11Refurbished Alcatel ISS.B5 Alcatel
625623000001Refurbished Alcatel LIF 301 CCL DS3 Alcatel
62562300000101Refurbished Alcatel LIF301-CCL-(DS3) Alcatel
625623000001C3Refurbished Alcatel LIF301 Alcatel
625623000001DRefurbished Alcatel LIF-301-CCL(DS3) Alcatel
625623E11Refurbished Alcatel CALL FOR INFO Alcatel
625626000002Refurbished Alcatel ISS.C1 HIF50X Alcatel
625626E11Refurbished Alcatel ISS.C1 HIF50X Alcatel
625633000001Refurbished Alcatel COA 301 CCLA1 Alcatel
625633000011Refurbished Alcatel ISS.A3 COA311 CCLA3 1603/12 SM OW/ALM UN TAG Alcatel
625633E11Refurbished Alcatel ISS.A3 COA311 CCLA3 W/TAG Alcatel
625634000001Refurbished Alcatel NEP 301 CCLA3 Alcatel
625634000001A3Refurbished Alcatel NEP-301-CCL Alcatel
625634000001BRefurbished Alcatel NEP-301-CCL Alcatel
625634E11Refurbished Alcatel CALL FOR INFO Alcatel
625637000001Refurbished Alcatel CPP101 COAX PATCH CORD Alcatel
625640000001Refurbished Alcatel SHELF W/ FRONT COVER Alcatel
62564E11Refurbished Alcatel 1603/12SM SHELF Alcatel
625656000001Refurbished Alcatel COA401 CRAFT/OW/A UN Alcatel
625690000001Refurbished Alcatel OC 48 SHELF Alcatel
625E11Refurbished Alcatel REV.D C0A104 CCLD Alcatel
626314000001Refurbished Alcatel ALCATEL Alcatel
626511000001Refurbished Alcatel 1218 LINE SHELF Alcatel
626512000001Refurbished Alcatel 1218C CES COM EQPT Alcatel
626521000001Refurbished Alcatel ALCATEL Alcatel
626522000001Refurbished Alcatel LSCEC001AA 1218C TIU TRK INTFC UN Alcatel
626523000001Refurbished Alcatel LSCEB001AA 1218C MAC MEM ACC UN Alcatel
626524000001Refurbished Alcatel 1218C LGI LN GRP INTFC LOOSE Alcatel
626524000001GRefurbished Alcatel . Alcatel
626526000001Refurbished Alcatel AMU / CO ALM UN Alcatel
626527000001Refurbished Alcatel LSCEF001AA 1218C MCU MST CLK UN Alcatel
626532000001Refurbished Alcatel LSCEE211AA 1218C SIU/LI SPN INTFC Alcatel
626533000001Refurbished Alcatel LSCEG001AA 1218C DMCU/CO DDS CLK Alcatel
626542000001Refurbished Alcatel ALCATEL Alcatel
626542000103AERefurbished Alcatel . Alcatel
626561000001Refurbished Alcatel LSPUC401AA 1218C CEPC PWR CONVR Alcatel
626570000001Refurbished Alcatel LSTEA001AA 1218C TU/CO TST UN Alcatel
626572000003Refurbished Alcatel 1218C TMU TRF MON UN Alcatel
626573025001Refurbished Alcatel FUSE/POWER DIST CARD Alcatel
626578000001Refurbished Alcatel LSTEB001AA 1218S TU2/SUB SUB TST Alcatel
626578000001MRefurbished Alcatel . Alcatel
626579000001Refurbished Alcatel LSPUF301AA 1218R RGU3 RNG GEN UN Alcatel
626580000001Refurbished Alcatel 1218 FS&PWR DISTN PNL Alcatel
626604000001Refurbished Alcatel ALCATEL Alcatel
626604000006Refurbished Alcatel SP/C0E 006 SINGLE PARTY CO - 1218 LN CKT UN Alcatel
626604000006ISSPRefurbished Alcatel SP/CQ Alcatel
626604000007Refurbished Alcatel SP/ COE ISS 2 Alcatel
626608000001Refurbished Alcatel LSLEJ601AA 1218C BFS/CO 4PTY UN Alcatel
626614000001Refurbished Alcatel LSLEN401AA 1218C PP/CO LN UN Alcatel
626615000001Refurbished Alcatel LSLEP801AA 1218S PP/SUB LN UN Alcatel
626622000001Refurbished Alcatel LSLEC201AA 1218C DS0DP/2 LN UN Alcatel
626623000001Refurbished Alcatel OCUDP2 ISS001 - 1218C OCUDP/2 CH UN DP REBOXED Alcatel
626623000001LRefurbished Alcatel . Alcatel
626629000001Refurbished Alcatel BFS/SUBE001 - 1218S BFS/SUB 4PTY UN LOOSE Alcatel
626630000001Refurbished Alcatel 4WMLU E Alcatel
626630000001BRefurbished Alcatel . Alcatel
62663000001Refurbished Alcatel 4W MLU E Alcatel
62663000002Refurbished Alcatel SP/SUBE Alcatel
626635000001Refurbished Alcatel LSLEF521AA 1218 LN CKT UN Alcatel
626638000001Refurbished Alcatel LSLER931AA 1218C FX/CO LN UN Alcatel
626639000001Refurbished Alcatel FXS/3E 001 1218S FX/SUB 2W TRI-LINE UN Alcatel
626639E11Refurbished Alcatel REV.06 Alcatel
626640000001Refurbished Alcatel LSPC2 ISSC Alcatel
626640000001ISSCRefurbished Alcatel LSPC2 Alcatel
626640000002Refurbished Alcatel 1218 LN SH PWR CONV UN Alcatel
626640000002NRefurbished Alcatel . Alcatel
626651000001Refurbished Alcatel LSLEA011AA 1218 LN SH CONT LGC UN Alcatel
626651000001ERefurbished Alcatel . Alcatel
626820000001Refurbished Alcatel ATU/CO Alcatel
626832000001CRefurbished Alcatel . Alcatel
626834000001Refurbished Alcatel 1218 LTI BDU BRDG DETR LSTCB201AB ?? Alcatel
626834E11Refurbished Alcatel BDU Alcatel
626835000002HRefurbished Alcatel . Alcatel
626851000001Refurbished Alcatel 1218 TRNSL UN Alcatel
626853000001Refurbished Alcatel PSU Alcatel
626853E11Refurbished Alcatel CALL FOR INFO Alcatel
626E11Refurbished Alcatel DMI 102 CCL B SNC1FKJ6AA Alcatel
6273414005Refurbished Alcatel FACTORY TUNED FILTER Alcatel
6273416006Refurbished Alcatel FACTORY TUNED FILTER Alcatel
6276554002Refurbished Alcatel DOWN CONVERTER Alcatel
627E11Refurbished Alcatel CALL FOR INFO Alcatel
628005000001Refurbished Alcatel D4MSTB31RA D448 MX SHLF MS/WC5 Alcatel
628008000004Refurbished Alcatel DA-SMART T3/E3 IDSU DC Alcatel
628010000001Refurbished Alcatel D424 CH UN CONN MX SH Alcatel
628013000001Refurbished Alcatel ALCATEL Alcatel
628013000005Refurbished Alcatel D448 19" MUX SHELF Alcatel
628020000001Refurbished Alcatel D448 TRMT LGC TLU ISS C A Alcatel
628025000001Refurbished Alcatel RLU Alcatel
628025000003Refurbished Alcatel RLU REVJ Alcatel
628030000001Refurbished Alcatel TRUNK PROCESSOR AND ALARM ISSN Alcatel
628030000001ISSLRefurbished Alcatel TRUNK PROCESSOR AND ALARM Alcatel
628030000001ISSNRefurbished Alcatel TRUNK PROCESSOR AND ALARM Alcatel
628030000001ISSRRefurbished Alcatel TRUNK PROCESSOR Alcatel
628030000001ISSTRefurbished Alcatel TRUNK PROC ALARM Alcatel
628030000101Refurbished Alcatel TRUNK PROCESSOR ISSC Alcatel
628030000101ISSCRefurbished Alcatel TRUNK PROCESSOR Alcatel
628035000001Refurbished Alcatel D448 PWR CONVR PCU Alcatel
628055000001Refurbished Alcatel LINE INTERFACE ISSUE C B F Alcatel
628060000001Refurbished Alcatel 'D448 LI-3E D-4' Alcatel
628061000001Refurbished Alcatel D4LITS02AA D424/448 LN INTFC LI3E Alcatel
628090000001Refurbished Alcatel OIU-LT ISS B Alcatel
628090000001ISSBRefurbished Alcatel OIU-LT ISS B Alcatel
628090000003Refurbished Alcatel D448 OIU/LT OFF INTFC Alcatel
628091000001Refurbished Alcatel OIU Alcatel
628095000001Refurbished Alcatel DSO/OP Alcatel
628095000003Refurbished Alcatel 'D448 OIU/DSS OFC INT' Alcatel
628095005002Refurbished Alcatel OIU/DDS 003 ISSB Alcatel
628095005002BRefurbished Alcatel OIU/DDS 003 Alcatel
628096000001Refurbished Alcatel OFFICE I/F UNIT DDS TIMING SEPARATE Alcatel
628100000001Refurbished Alcatel D448 4W E/M 600OHM Alcatel
628101000001Refurbished Alcatel 4W EM Alcatel
628120000001Refurbished Alcatel D448 2W E/M 900OHM Alcatel
628121000001Refurbished Alcatel 2W EM Alcatel
628130000001Refurbished Alcatel D448 2W E/M 900OHM A Alcatel
628130000103Refurbished Alcatel 2W EM Alcatel
628131000001Refurbished Alcatel D448 2WEM9A 2W E&M CH Alcatel
628140000001Refurbished Alcatel D448 2W DPO 900OHM Alcatel
628140000003Refurbished Alcatel DPO ISS D Alcatel
628150000003OEM Alcatel CCLM SDP0 9 D4CDTI53AB Alcatel
628150000003Refurbished Alcatel D448-3W-DPO/900 OHM-SPD09 Alcatel
628160000003Refurbished Alcatel D448 2W DPT 900OHM Alcatel
628162000001Refurbished Alcatel 2 WIRE DIAL PULSE TERMINATING Alcatel
628170000003Refurbished Alcatel DPT ISS C Alcatel
628170000005Refurbished Alcatel A01 DPT ISS C Alcatel
628170005001Refurbished Alcatel DPT Alcatel
628171000001Refurbished Alcatel DPT R/O REV H Alcatel
628180000001Refurbished Alcatel 2NFXO REV N D4CXTJ0 3AA OR D4CXTJ0 3AB ?? Alcatel
628180000001ISSNRefurbished Alcatel D448 2W FXO 900OHM Alcatel
628182000001Refurbished Alcatel 2W FXS Alcatel
628186000001Refurbished Alcatel 2W FXO GT Alcatel
62818E11Refurbished Alcatel 2NFXO REV N Alcatel
628190000001Refurbished Alcatel D4CXTM03AA D448 2W FXS9 CH UN Alcatel
628190000101Refurbished Alcatel 2W FXS ISS L Alcatel
628190000101I0LRefurbished Alcatel 2W FXS Alcatel
628192000001Refurbished Alcatel 2W FXS EXT ISS K Alcatel
628192000003Refurbished Alcatel 2W FXS/EXT VF Alcatel
628192005001Refurbished Alcatel 2W FXS/EXT ISS F Alcatel
628192005001FRefurbished Alcatel 2W FXS/EXT Alcatel
628192E11Refurbished Alcatel CALL FOR INFO Alcatel
628196000001Refurbished Alcatel 2WFXS/GT Alcatel
628197000001Refurbished Alcatel M-COM Alcatel
628205000001Refurbished Alcatel D448 4W TRMSN ONLY/SF Alcatel
628205000003Refurbished Alcatel D448 4W TRMSN ONLY/SF Alcatel
628205000103Refurbished Alcatel 4WTO SF 103 D448 (4W TRMSN ONLY) Alcatel
628205000104Refurbished Alcatel D448 4WTO/SF CHAN UN 628205-000-104 3AL00343AEAA Alcatel
6282050001E11Refurbished Alcatel 4WTOSF Alcatel
628205E11OEM Alcatel 4WT0 SF 003 D4C0TD23AA Alcatel
628205E11Refurbished Alcatel 4WTO SF 103 D4COTD43AB BOARD Alcatel
628210000001Refurbished Alcatel 4W ETO ISS K Alcatel
628210000001I0KRefurbished Alcatel 4W ETO Alcatel
628210000003Refurbished Alcatel 4W ETO ISS F AND ISS L Alcatel
62821000003Refurbished Alcatel NID T1 400TM RGLB Alcatel
628210000103Refurbished Alcatel 4 WIRE EQUALIZED TRANSMISSION Alcatel
628210000103KRefurbished Alcatel 4WETO Alcatel
62821000100Refurbished Alcatel 4WETO Alcatel
628220000001Refurbished Alcatel D448 E/M PULS LK RPTR Alcatel
628230000001Refurbished Alcatel D448 4W FXO/VF Alcatel
628240000001Refurbished Alcatel D448 4W FXS/VF UN Alcatel
628260000001Refurbished Alcatel D448 4W TDM CARR Alcatel
628270000001Refurbished Alcatel 4W EVF Alcatel
628270000003Refurbished Alcatel DC TRP/PLT WIRE -24VDC Alcatel
628270000005Refurbished Alcatel 4W EVF Alcatel
628278000001Refurbished Alcatel D448 PCM 4WSF/FX CH UN Alcatel
628278000002Refurbished Alcatel 4 WSF/FX Alcatel
628278000004Refurbished Alcatel D448 PCM 4WSF/FX CH UN Alcatel
628280000001Refurbished Alcatel 4W OX Alcatel
628285000001Refurbished Alcatel D448 4W DX Alcatel
628295000001Refurbished Alcatel D448 2W PVT LN AUTO RD Alcatel
628300000001Refurbished Alcatel SPCO Alcatel
628324000001Refurbished Alcatel PGCU 15T Alcatel
628334000001Refurbished Alcatel D448 PGCU15R 15KHZ PROGRAM CHANNEL RECEIVE UNIT 628334-000-001 Alcatel
628340000003Refurbished Alcatel D448 DS-0 DA PT UN Alcatel
628342000006Refurbished Alcatel 56KB/SDSOOP Alcatel
628342000007Refurbished Alcatel D448 PCM DSODP/56KB CH Alcatel
628345-000-001Refurbished Alcatel 628345-000-001 D448 DS-0 DA PR Unit D4DPFU0XAA Alcatel 6
628345000001Refurbished Alcatel D448 DS-0 DA PR UN Alcatel
628346000001Refurbished Alcatel D448 DSO DP DATA PORT UNIT Alcatel
628350000004Refurbished Alcatel D448 OCUDP/2.4K CH UN Alcatel
628356000009Refurbished Alcatel OCU DP 56 Alcatel
628356000010Refurbished Alcatel 56KB/S OCUP Alcatel
628356005002Refurbished Alcatel OCUDP 56 ISS A Alcatel
628356005002ARefurbished Alcatel OCUDP 56 Alcatel
628357-000-002Refurbished Alcatel 628357-000-002 D448 OCUDP CH Unit D4DPFWPXAA Module Alca
628357000001Refurbished Alcatel ALL RATE OCU DP Alcatel
628357000002Refurbished Alcatel OCUDP 002 Alcatel
628357000003Refurbished Alcatel FD 48F 1 DS 3 OUTPUT CONTROLLER Alcatel
628357000003ARefurbished Alcatel . Alcatel
628357000003BRefurbished Alcatel . Alcatel
628357000004Refurbished Alcatel OCUDP Alcatel
628358000002Refurbished Alcatel 'DCU DATA' Alcatel
628361000001Refurbished Alcatel DATA PATH EXTENSION Alcatel
628402000001Refurbished Alcatel ISDN BRA REVJ Alcatel
628450000001Refurbished Alcatel ITT AUTOMATED TEST ALIGNMENT UNIT W/ WRNTY Alcatel
628455000001Refurbished Alcatel DCD WIRE WRPD PNL Alcatel
628458E11Refurbished Alcatel ISS.D Alcatel
628492000001Refurbished Alcatel FUSE ALARM & DISTRIBUTION PANEL ISSR Alcatel
628492000001ISSRRefurbished Alcatel FUSE ALARM & DISTRIBUTION PANEL Alcatel
628492025001Refurbished Alcatel D448 ABU ALM & BLST UN Alcatel
6288234002Refurbished Alcatel Alcatel
628E11OEM Alcatel 4WT0 SF 003 D4C0TD23AA Alcatel
628E11Refurbished Alcatel 4WTO SF 103 D4COTD43AB BOARD Alcatel
629006000001Refurbished Alcatel DATA SERVICE UNIT SHELF Alcatel
629006E11Refurbished Alcatel DATA SERVICE UNIT SHELF Alcatel
629045000007Refurbished Alcatel DATA SERVICE UNIT Alcatel
629046000001Refurbished Alcatel MODEL A MULTIRATE DSU ISSJ DSU-A 001 Alcatel
629046E11Refurbished Alcatel MODEL A MULTIRATE DSU ISSJ DSU-A 001 Alcatel
629047000005Refurbished Alcatel -48V DSU-A V.35 ASYN Alcatel
629E11Refurbished Alcatel MODEL A MULTIRATE DSU ISSJ DSU-A 001 Alcatel
62H21MWRefurbished Alcatel OSCILLATOR Alcatel
63054A4Refurbished Alcatel DC-AC INVERTER Alcatel
631875Refurbished Alcatel TWISTER 6318 Alcatel
6335011011Refurbished Alcatel UCB1 CLOSURE Alcatel
633967500201Refurbished Alcatel ES-37E-2-IPU Alcatel
6364412001Refurbished Alcatel RELAY BOARD Alcatel
6364437001Refurbished Alcatel MDR-BP Alcatel
63923228Refurbished Alcatel CALL FOR INFO Alcatel
63923434Refurbished Alcatel CALL FOR INFO Alcatel
6402421001Refurbished Alcatel MDR-11 TRMT FLT-FD Alcatel
6405629001Refurbished Alcatel MDR-8PSK MODLTR-11GHZ Alcatel
641002L8OEM Alcatel SPARC/CPU 5 VT. New Open Box Alcatel
6420024PRefurbished Alcatel CIRCUIT BREAKERS LMLK11ALS452-30 Alcatel
6420369PRefurbished Alcatel 24 POS. FUSE PANEL 23" Alcatel
642127NP42Refurbished Alcatel 127N POWER SYSTEM Alcatel
644-0018-002Refurbished Alcatel-Lucent 644-0018-002 OCT-202 OPTICAL XMTR 644-0018-002
644-0020-001Refurbished Alcatel 644-0020-001 1648-SM OPTICAL RECEIVER 644-0020-001
644-0030-002Refurbished ALCATEL 644-0030-002 PSU202 SHELF MODULE ALCATEL 644-0030-002
644-0040-001Refurbished ALCATEL 644-0040-001 ES-37J Central Processing Unit CPU SNPQAU
644000001Refurbished Alcatel CCR201-OPT-RX Alcatel
6440003001Refurbished Alcatel SPC101-SHLF-PROC Alcatel
6440003001HRefurbished Alcatel SPC101 SHELF PROCESS Alcatel
6440003001ISS02Refurbished Alcatel 1648-SM SHLF PROCR Alcatel
6440003001ISS2Refurbished Alcatel 1648-SM SHLF PROCR Alcatel
6440003001LRefurbished Alcatel SPC101 Alcatel
6440003001MRefurbished Alcatel SPC101 SHELF PROCESS Alcatel
6440003002Refurbished Alcatel . Alcatel
6440003002HRefurbished Alcatel . Alcatel
6440005001Refurbished Alcatel AE-78R-1 STATION CNTR MONITOR Alcatel
6440006001OEM Alcatel DS3 INTFC REV 02 Alcatel
6440006001Refurbished Alcatel 1624/1648-SM DS3 INTFC ISS2 Alcatel
6440006001ERefurbished Alcatel DSM301-DS3-INTFC Alcatel
6440006001GRefurbished Alcatel DSM301 DS3 INTFC Alcatel
6440006001ISS02Refurbished Alcatel DS3 INTFC Alcatel
6440006001ISS2Refurbished Alcatel 1624/1648-SM DS3 INTFC Alcatel
6440007001Refurbished Alcatel TLI101-TX-LN-INTFC Alcatel
6440007001DRefurbished Alcatel TLI101 Alcatel
6440007001ERefurbished Alcatel TLI101 Alcatel
6440008001Refurbished Alcatel RS-21M-1 O/W Alcatel
644000800104Refurbished Alcatel . Alcatel
6440008001ISS03Refurbished Alcatel 1648-SM LN INTFC Alcatel
6440008001ISS04Refurbished Alcatel 1648-SM LN INTFC Alcatel
6440008001ISS3Refurbished Alcatel RX LINE INTERFACE CARD Alcatel
6440009001Refurbished Alcatel RAC101 RX ACCESS Alcatel
644000900102Refurbished Alcatel RAC101-RX-ACCESS Alcatel
644000900102GRefurbished Alcatel RAC101 RX ACCESS Alcatel
6440009001CRefurbished Alcatel RAC 101 RX ACCESS Alcatel
6440009001DRefurbished Alcatel RAC 101 RX ACCESS Alcatel
6440009001ISS02OEM Alcatel 1648-SM RDM ACS Alcatel
6440009001ISS02Refurbished Alcatel 1648-SM RDM ACS Alcatel
6440010001Refurbished Alcatel TAC101-TX-ACCESS Alcatel
644001000103Refurbished Alcatel TAC101-TX-ACCESS Alcatel
644001000103FRefurbished Alcatel TAC101 TX ACCESS Alcatel
6440010001FRefurbished Alcatel TAC 101 TX ACCESS Alcatel
6440010001ISS03OEM Alcatel 1648-SM RCV TRI Alcatel
6440010001ISS03Refurbished Alcatel 1648-SM RCV TRIB INTFC Alcatel
6440013001OEM Alcatel Alcatel
644001300102Refurbished Alcatel TCVR101 TRIB TRANS Alcatel
6440013001BRefurbished Alcatel TCVR101-TRIB-TRANS Alcatel
6440013001CRefurbished Alcatel TCVR 101 TRIB TRANS Alcatel
6440013001FRefurbished Alcatel TCVR 101 TRIB TRANS Alcatel
6440013001ISS02Refurbished Alcatel 1648-SM TRIB TRCVR Alcatel
6440013001ISS2Refurbished Alcatel TRIB TRCVR Alcatel
6440013001R02Refurbished Alcatel TCVR 101 Alcatel
6440018001OEM Alcatel OPTICAL BOARD RX New Open Box Alcatel
6440018001Refurbished Alcatel OPTICAL TX MODULE OCT201 Alcatel
644001800103Refurbished Alcatel OCT201-OPTICAL-XMTR Alcatel
644001800103BARefurbished Alcatel OCT201 OPTICAL XMTR Alcatel
644001800103BJRefurbished Alcatel OCT201 OPTICAL XMTR Alcatel
6440018001NRefurbished Alcatel OCT 201 OPTICAL TX Alcatel
644001800201Refurbished Alcatel OCT221 OPTICAL XMTR Alcatel
644001800203Refurbished Alcatel OCT202 OPTICAL XMTR Alcatel
644001800203BARefurbished Alcatel OCT202 OPTICAL XMTR Alcatel
6440018002PRefurbished Alcatel OCT 202 OPTICAL TX Alcatel
6440018004OEM Alcatel OPTICAL BOARD New Open Box Alcatel
6440018004Refurbished Alcatel 1648-SM OPT TRMTR Alcatel
6440018009Refurbished Alcatel ISS.02 Alcatel
6440018011OEM Alcatel OPTICAL BOARD New Open Box Alcatel
6440018012OEM Alcatel ASSY OPTICAL XMTR New Open Box Alcatel
6440020001OEM Alcatel 1648-SM OPTICAL RECEIVER ISS6 New Open Box Alcatel
6440020001Refurbished Alcatel OCR201 OPTICAL RECEIVER Alcatel
644002000104VRefurbished Alcatel OCR201 OPTICAL RX Alcatel
644002000106Refurbished Alcatel OCR201 Alcatel
644002000106APRefurbished Alcatel OCR201 OPTICAL RX MSSING COVER Alcatel
64400200014Refurbished Alcatel OCR 201 OPTICAL RX Alcatel
6440020001FRefurbished Alcatel OCR 201 OPTICAL RX Alcatel
6440020001KRefurbished Alcatel OCR 201 OPTICAL RX Alcatel
6440020011Refurbished Alcatel OCR211 OPTICAL RCVR ISS.06 Alcatel
644002001106Refurbished Alcatel OCR 211 Alcatel
6440020021Refurbished Alcatel OPTICAL RECEIVER Alcatel
6440020021ISS1Refurbished Alcatel OPTICAL RECEIVER Alcatel
6440024006Refurbished Alcatel UD-35AB-6 MODULATOR Alcatel
6440024010Refurbished Alcatel MODULATOR Alcatel
6440024017Refurbished Alcatel UD-35AB MODULATOR Alcatel
6440026002Refurbished Alcatel DEMOD REV M ISS 3 Alcatel
6440026003Refurbished Alcatel DEMODULATOR UD-36AB-3 Alcatel
6440026004Refurbished Alcatel 4 DEMOD Alcatel
6440026005Refurbished Alcatel DEMODULATOR Alcatel
6440026006Refurbished Alcatel DEMOD Alcatel
6440026007Refurbished Alcatel DEMODULATOR Alcatel
6440027001Refurbished Alcatel ES-65B-1 RDX-33 FIRST/THIRD SW Alcatel
644002700100Refurbished Alcatel ES-65B-1-1/3-SWITCH(SFT) Alcatel
6440027001CRefurbished Alcatel ES-65B-1-1/3-SWTCH(SFT) Alcatel
6440027001DRefurbished Alcatel ES-65B-1-1/3-SWTCH(SFT) Alcatel
6440027001ERefurbished Alcatel ES-65B-1-1/3-SWTCH(SFT) Alcatel
6440028001Refurbished Alcatel PSU101-PWR-SUP Alcatel
644002800101Refurbished Alcatel PSU101 POWER SUPPLY Alcatel
644002800102Refurbished Alcatel PSU101-POWER-SUPPLY Alcatel
6440028001DRefurbished Alcatel RS_16C_1 POWER SUPPLY Alcatel
6440028001ISS01Refurbished Alcatel 1624-SM/1648-SM PWRSY Alcatel
6440028001ISS02OEM Alcatel 1624-SM/1648-SM LINE SHELF PWS Alcatel
6440028001ISS1Refurbished Alcatel PSU 101 Alcatel
6440028001MRefurbished Alcatel RS_16C_1 POWER SUPPLY Alcatel
6440028001URefurbished Alcatel PSU101 Alcatel
6440030001Refurbished Alcatel ISS.H PSU 201 Alcatel
644003000101ARefurbished Alcatel PSU201 PWR SPPY Alcatel
6440030001HRefurbished Alcatel PSU 201 POWER SUPPLY Alcatel
6440030001ISS1Refurbished Alcatel PWRSY MOD Alcatel
6440030001ISS1REVHRefurbished Alcatel PSU201 POWER SUPPLY Alcatel
6440030002Refurbished Alcatel PSU202 ALCA 1648 SM PWRSY Alcatel
644003000201Refurbished Alcatel PSU202 POWER SUPPLY Alcatel
644003000202Refurbished Alcatel PSU202 PWR.SPPY Alcatel
644003000203OEM Alcatel . Alcatel
644003000203Refurbished Alcatel PSU202 POWER SUPPLY Alcatel
6440030002CRefurbished Alcatel PSU202 POWER SUPPLY Alcatel
6440030002GRefurbished Alcatel PSU202 Alcatel
6440030002ISS03OEM Alcatel PSU202 COMM SHELF PWS Alcatel
6440030002ISS03Refurbished Alcatel 1648-SM PWRSY MOD Alcatel
6440030002ISS2Refurbished Alcatel POWER SUPPLY UNIT 202 Alcatel
6440030002ISS3Refurbished Alcatel PWRSY MOD Alcatel
6440030002ISS3REVKRefurbished Alcatel PSU202 POWER SUPPLY Alcatel
644003080201Refurbished Alcatel PSU202 Alcatel
6440031001Refurbished Alcatel POWER AMPLIFIER UD-51S-1 Alcatel
6440032001Refurbished Alcatel DTMF KEYBOARD AE-18T Alcatel
6440037001Refurbished Alcatel DTMF KEYPAD Alcatel
6440037001CRefurbished Alcatel ES-30G-SSU Alcatel
6440040001Refurbished Alcatel ES_37J_1 CPU CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT Alcatel
644004000101Refurbished Alcatel ES-37J-CPU Alcatel
644004000102Refurbished Alcatel ES-37J-1-CNTRL-PROC(CPU) Alcatel
64400400011Refurbished Alcatel . Alcatel
64400400012Refurbished Alcatel CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT Alcatel
6440040001ERefurbished Alcatel ES-37J-1-CPU Alcatel
6440040001GRefurbished Alcatel ES-37J-1-CPU Alcatel
6440040001HRefurbished Alcatel ES-37J-1-CPU Alcatel
6440040001I2Refurbished Alcatel ISS.02 CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT Alcatel
6440040001ISS01Refurbished Alcatel 1631-SX ADMIN CONTROL Alcatel
6440040001MRefurbished Alcatel ES-37J-1-CPU Alcatel
6440040001R02Refurbished Alcatel ES-3TJ CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT Alcatel
644004000201Refurbished Alcatel ES-37J-2-CPU Alcatel
6440043001Refurbished Alcatel AUDIO ADAPTER AE-31H-1 Alcatel
644005000Refurbished Alcatel 1633-SX-STS-DS3 ISS 02 Alcatel
6440050001Refurbished Alcatel ES-48C-1 ISS 2 Alcatel
644005000102OEM Alcatel . Alcatel
644005000102Refurbished Alcatel ES-48C-1-STS-1-COND(STC) Alcatel
6440050001CRefurbished Alcatel ES-48C-1-STS-1-COND(STC) Alcatel
6440050001ISS02Refurbished Alcatel 1633-SX STS/DS3 CONDR Alcatel
6440051001Refurbished Alcatel TEL301-SEMAL-TELEM Alcatel
6440051001CRefurbished Alcatel TEL 301 SERIAL TELEM Alcatel
6440051001FRefurbished Alcatel TEL301 SERIAL TELE Alcatel
6440051001ISS1REVCRefurbished Alcatel CIRCUIT CARD Alcatel
6440051001ISS1REVGRefurbished Alcatel CIRCUIT CARD Alcatel
6440051001ISS1REVHRefurbished Alcatel CIRCUIT CARD Alcatel
6440051001ISS2Refurbished Alcatel REV F Alcatel
6440051001ISS2REVCRefurbished Alcatel CIRCUIT CARD Alcatel
6440051001ISS2REVERefurbished Alcatel CIRCUIT CARD Alcatel
6440051001ISS2REVFRefurbished Alcatel CIRCUIT CARD Alcatel
6440052001HRefurbished Alcatel XLAN101 XLAN Alcatel
6440053001BRefurbished Alcatel ALM101 ALARM SUM Alcatel
6440053001CRefurbished Alcatel AIM101-ALARM-SUM Alcatel
6440054001ISS1Refurbished Alcatel 1624/1648-SM TLM INTFC Alcatel
6440054003FRefurbished Alcatel TXA103-XMT-AMP Alcatel
6440054003JRefurbished Alcatel TXA103-XMT-AMP Alcatel
6440066002Refurbished Alcatel P.A. 6.5-6.9GHZ +29DBM Alcatel
6440066003Refurbished Alcatel POWER AMPLIFIER Alcatel
6440066006Refurbished Alcatel PWR AMP Alcatel

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